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(S21) D - Alonzo Garbanzo TPE: 833
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Player Information

Username: ArGarBarGar
First Name: Alonzo
Last Name: Garbanzo
Position: Defense
Secondary Position: N/A
Born: January 3rd, 1992
Shoots: Left
Recruited By: vbottas77
Jersey Number: 2
Height (ft.): 6'-1"
Weight (lbs.): 185
Birthplace: United States transferred to Sweden
Player Type: Two Way Defenceman
Strengths: Defense, Skating, Passing
Weakness: Checking

Player Attributes

Points Available: 1
CK = Checking: 40
FG = Fighting: 25
DI = Discipline: 62
SK = Skating: 86
ST = Strength: 74
EN = Endurance: 80
DU = Durability: 50
PH = Puck Handling: 86
FO = Face Offs: 40
PA = Passing: 90
SC = Scoring: 80
DF = Defense: 93 4/12
PS = Penalty Shot: 40
*EX = Experience: 80
*LD = Leadership: 50
*MO = Morale: 80
*PO = Potential: 80

OV = Overall: TBD

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.


Shl S31 Scott Stevens Trophy (Best Defenseman)
Shl S32 All-Star Honorable Mention
Shl S33 Scott Stevens Trophy (Best Defenseman)

Player Movement

Career Stats:

Alonzo Garbanzo Final Tallies (Among Defensemen):
2nd in Goals (208), All-Time Assists Leader (765)*, All-Time Points Leader (973), 3rd in Hits (2587), All-Time Blocked Shots Leader (1882)*
*All-Time Leader Among All Skaters
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Interesting build. Discipline can come in handy although isn't necessary. I like it though! Welcome!


[Image: 8mlWIpu.jpg]

[Image: 4UKo5yq.png]

[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]

I got a recruit guys!

Welcome to the league ArGar!

Somebody from the rookie mentor community should be contacting you shortly but I will be around throughout the day and I'm happy to answer any questions!


[Image: TqPRsIf.png]

Points check out, approved! Smile

Welcome to the SHL! We're approaching the S20 SMJHL Entry Draft in the next two weeks, so work hard to get your name out there and raise your draft stock! We have rookie mentors as well as the rookie locker room at your disposal, so use them as a resource for help. Also feel free to PM O4L or myself if you have any questions!


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