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Logan Jensen - Updates

7 TPE banked


[Image: owenm43.gif]
[Image: flareon.png]
[Image: 9d3oxij.png][Image: 8xyKeyf.png]
Uk  wolfpack  raiders

Activity Check #253
Activity Check #254
Training +5TPE
[Total Points Earned [/b]
1197 + 9 = 1206
11/40 s45
Adjusting Attributes

You did not properly track your TPE cap in this update, and as a result of this decision, your update will not be processed this week. This is now a mandatory part of your updates, so please speak with your GM or someone who can help you to track your cap properly. Do not edit this week's update. Instead, please post it again with the corrected TPE cap tracker so you are not skipped next week by mistake.

Updaters Note: TPE Links for AC 254 and Training are good. AC 253 was posted too late to be accepted.

[Image: CkNBGP4.png] [Image: BPCtWP.gif]
[Image: EbSl82f.png] Outlaws Usa  Chiefs [Image: 3j3edy5.png]


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