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(S39) D - Bob Bergen TPE: 1540
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Player Information

Username: Nobody
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Bergen
Position: D
Born: 1997-05-22
Shoots: R
Recruited By: Reddit
Player Render: Liam Stewart
Jersey Number: 22
Height (ft.): 6ft 2in
Weight (lbs.): 220lb
Birthplace: Cambridge, England
Player Type: Two-Way Defenseman
Strengths: Scoring, Defense, Puck Handling
Weakness: Checking

Player Attributes

Points Available: 8
CK = Checking: 70
FG = Fighting: 25
DI = Discipline: 75
SK = Skating: 90
ST = Strength: 90
EN = Endurance: 90
DU = Durability: 50
PH = Puck Handling: 95
FO = Face Offs: 40
PA = Passing: 90
SC = Scoring: 99
DF = Defense: 99
PS = Penalty Shot: 40
*EX = Experience: 80
*LD = Leadership: 50
*MO = Morale: 80
*PO = Potential: 80

OV = Overall: TBD

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.



Player Movement

Career Stats:

Welcome to the league!

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Dildo’s Lost Son

welcome to the SHL!

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Hey <a href='index.php?showuser=2868' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Nobody</a>

Your Strengths and weaknesses check out as does your TPE!

Since you joined before the Draft your status in the league is as follows: You will be inserted in to the upcoming SMJHL Draft on November 30th 2017. You will also be considered apart of the [S39] SHL Draft class.

Keep an eye on your inbox for a message from the mentors!

Have fun and welcome to the SHL!

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