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(G) Geezus Kryyst Update Thread


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Shout out to ml002, schultzy, slashacm, tedward!
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(09-05-2018, 10:04 PM)Beaver Wrote: Wow look what the PT affiliation has done to our pristine league.
(12-19-2018, 12:31 AM)Beaver Wrote: I personally blame the PT affiliation for handing out massive amounts of free TPE to all these players, inflating the TPE they're at when they get called up.
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2 TPE 263
5 TPE Weekly
4 TPE Milestones (4 capped)
1 TPE Pizza and Deli (1 capped)
1 TPE 3 on 3 Finals (1 capped)
3 TPE PT3 (3 capped)

Total: 1180 + 16 = 1196
S47 Cap: 26/40 (17+9)

Points Available: 38 + 16 = 54 (include 3SZ, 3AG, 3RC, 9SC, 9HS, 9RT)
SK = Skating: 84
DU = Durability: 50
EN = Endurance: 70
SZ = Size: 95
AG = Agility: 95
RB = Rebound Control: 99
SC = Style Control: 99
HS = Hand Speed: 99
RT = Reaction Time: 95
PH = Puck Handling: 78
PS = Penalty Shot: 90

From 70 to 80, it costs 2 TPE to improve by one.
From 80 to 90, it costs 5 TPE to improve by one.
From 90 to 99, it costs 8 TPE to improve by one. (Rebound Control, Hand Speed, Style Control ONLY above 95)

Weakness: Skating

[Image: BUnyMT5.gif]
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Retired player:
Toki Wartooth
Drafted 6th round, 35th overall SMJHL by Kelowna
SMJHL S19 President Cup
Drafted 2nd Round, 21st Overall by Toronto North Stars
S35 Champion

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