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(S42) D - Charlie Schieck
TPE: 627

Player Information

Username: Grapehead
First Name: Charlie
Last Name: Schieck
Position: D
Born: 04/20/2000
Shoots: Left
Recruited By: Wannabefinn
Jersey Number: 65
Height (ft.): 6'3"
Weight (lbs.): 190lbs
Birthplace: Canada
Player Type: Offensive Defenseman
Strengths: Passing, Defense, Puck Handling
Weakness: Checking

Player Attributes

Points Available: 277 (3CK, 3FG, 2SK, 3ST, 2EN, 3PH, 6FO, 3PA, 3SC, 6PS)
CK = Checking: 40
FG = Fighting: 25
DI = Discipline: 62
SK = Skating: 72
ST = Strength: 60
EN = Endurance: 54
DU = Durability: 50
PH = Puck Handling: 75
FO = Face Offs: 40
PA = Passing: 77
SC = Scoring: 60
DF = Defense: 85
PS = Penalty Shot: 40
*EX = Experience: 80
*LD = Leadership: 50
*MO = Morale: 80
*PO = Potential: 80

OV = Overall: TBD

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.



Player Movement

Career Stats:
[Image: 54865_s.gif]
ty king, toedragon, and harry hans for the sigs
[Image: 7OKC9QVOo9cNj07i5ToZHeZuNLIvacmO6o7py5jD...p0rI-QkgKM][Image: bHd7JGWTWS4RtnodakZ-dqqsIxYquYc2JqIcgJr_...tvNa9e_4zZ][Image: pG_lGVNlY6oI4gnyDNXgJ27PpirsdNjl8PkuGRyI...8fxGllAlrc][Image: ZQviACmVbG-Ad7CqKa8W8BUyNBkDBiNErcVlGZj1...IanHpvPUSS][Image: pq6-BPs3bg4-TzBwbSsVzhkBcLUAcLEF57PWEkeI...JGzMDToSe5][Image: ZO2wkYsXshbt0tp5MMIEOQ9H0g36n8-EocFnhvbp...ZclOKpmre3]
[Image: Trainer_Card.png]

Hmm a WBF recruit. Not sure about this one.
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One sig is tweed's and the other was a karlssens/Copenhagen collab

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Quote:Originally posted by Beaver@May 4 2018, 02:06 PM
Hmm a WBF recruit. Not sure about this one.
No MrShit that's for sure GOAT
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Credit to Copenhagen, Wasty, FlappyGiraffe, InciteHysteria, and caltroit_red_flames
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More grapehead
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Thanks you FlappyGiraffe and NJBadApple for the amazing sigs!

Hi <a href='index.php?showuser=2245' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-13'>Grapehead</a>,

Your strengths and weaknesses check out, as does your total TPE, which means your player is approved.

You created after the SMJHL playoffs start, which means you're a member of the S42 SHL draft class, and will be playing in the J for S41 for a team that will draft you very soon.

No newbie mentor message for you, ya schmuck.

Good luck with the recreate! Cheers

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