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(S43) C - Jax Aittokallio Updates

Thank ya, idk why I keep occasionally missing points. Added up in my totals now.

S45 Playoff Bracket - +4 capped + 5 uncapped = +9
Playoff Predictions: Finals - +1 capped + 1 uncapped = +2
S45 Season Predictions - +3 capped + 2 uncapped = +5
Activity Check #250 - +2
Weekly Training - +5

Points Earned: +23
Attributes Adjusted:
Bank +23
TPE: 825 (Bank: 85)

S45 PT Cap: 39/40
S46 PT Cap: 3/40

An old man's dream ended. A young man's vision of the future opened wide. Young men have visions, old men have dreams. But the place for old men to dream is beside the fire.
[Image: 10ct2xl.jpg]
[Image: hYexiub.png]
[Image: tjyuut.jpg] 
Thanks to Jackson, Copenhagen, and Harry Hans!


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