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Hall of Fame Committee Information
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League of Accomplished Players List
All-Time Scoring Leaders
Beaujeaux Box

-Each Committee Member can vote for a maximum of five (5) players to be inducted
- Players are ranked 1-5, and given points relative to their ranking (10, 7, 5, 3, 1)
- A player needs 35 points in a given season of eligibility to be inducted
- There is no minimum or maximum of players who can be inducted each season

Eligible Players (For S43):
Liam Kinsler
Chris Crutchfield
Adam Falk
Benjamin Reid

Geoffrey Allen*****
Winston Windsor*****
Shane Gagner*****
Marc-Andre Malkin*****
Ales Smirnov*****
David Benson*****
Evandrus Jesster*****
Michael Burch*****
Blake Sherrill*****
Jorma Ruutu****
Maria Maximova****
Connor O'Reilly****
Felix Herzog****
Scott Robertson****
Slappy McDoodle****
Chester Cunningham****
Cody Black****
Vladimir Lidstrom***
Damian Wert***
Klaus Wagner***
Jaxson Reynolds***
Sebastian Strange***
Lukas Johnson***
Lord Vader***
Pierre-Luc Laflamme***
Jack Burton***
Erik Lundqvist***
Jeff Kirkstone**
Raven Silverwing**
Olli O'Koivu**
Jason Aittokallio*
Nicolas Winter*
Eero Hamalainen*
Mattias Holmberg*
Nicholas Pedersen*
Big Manious*
Harry Hans*
Michael Boychuk*
Jasper Clayton
Lord Pretty Flacko
Theo Kane
Patrikov Bure
Bubba Nuck
Don Pellegrino
Mikke Laukkanen
Danny Foster

Italics=first ballot
*=second ballot
**=third ballot
***=fourth ballot
****=fifth ballot
*****=sixth ballot
Seventh and final ballot

Alonzo Garbanzo Final Tallies (Among Defensemen):
2nd in Goals (208), All-Time Assists Leader (765)*, All-Time Points Leader (973), 3rd in Hits (2587), All-Time Blocked Shots Leader (1882)*
*All-Time Leader Among All Skaters
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