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PGS Game 30: Militia vs Falcons
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SMJHL S43: Game 20

Militia Montreal Militia 3 vs Falcons Detroit Falcons 2

3 Stars
1 - Charlie Schieck (MTL)
2 - Pavel Pivonka (MTL)
3 - Mason Hudson (MTL)

This matchup was an extremely close game; the Falcons fought valiantly in spite of receiving the short end of the stick with penalties. The difference maker in the game was perhaps that Detroit took 6 penalties, while the Militia were only shorthanded once. In spite of this, Detroit outshot the Militia 26-23, but Montreal netminder Petr Vrana came through with a .923 save percentage, sealing the match.

1st Period

Mason Hudson opened the scoring just over 5 minutes into the period, giving Montreal an early advantage. The assists were awarded to Willie Fisterbottom and Pavel Pivonka.

[Image: AYecQ29.gif]

Just four seconds into a powerplay, with a tripping call having been assessed to Justin Siddals for hooking, Charlie Schieck maneuvered to the crease and slid the puck home. This would be Montreal's lone powerplay goal of the night. Daniel Daniil and Kevin Kazarian received the assists.

[Image: D75RjmZ.gif]

Things looked bleak for Detroit heading into the second, but the Falcons did not plan to go down without a fight.

2nd Period

Rookie Ola Wagstrom, who was highly drafted in the second round, finally flashed the speed and silky wrist shot that scouts had written about. Just 3:04 into the 2nd, he earned the first SMJHL goal of his career, after Eero Makinen set him up for a breakaway. Marcel Puhringer was awarded the secondary assist on the play. Detroit had drawn within one.

[Image: 62gAYP6.gif]

The Falcons would not stay within striking distance for long. Veikka Toivanen fed the puck to Rafe Ulrich, who left a wicked back pass for Charlie Schieck. Schieck would fire the puck at Falcons netminder Cedric Robinson and slap at a rebound to tally his second goal of the game. Recorded at 13:54 in the period, this sapped Detroit's early-period momentum.

[Image: J6OE3jG.gif]

3rd Period

Detroit came out with a vengeance, striking just 2:22 into the period. Wolfhard Richter slid the puck to David Fantobens, who lucked into his first goal of the season on an ugly deflection off of one of Montreal's own men.

[Image: bXvlEA5.gif]

Detroit struggled to maintain the pressure and took two rather sloppy penalties in the latter half of the third, wasting valuable time on the penalty kill. Montreal was able to correct their defensive errors and play a tight game, frustrating the Falcons' offensive strategies and allowing them to take the win.

Word Count: 493 Words

[Image: wAGSTROM.png] [Image: eqg29PJ.png]

Prospect Watch

Militia Derek Bohne, Willy Mack, Willie Fisterbottom (1 A), Dinars Briedis
Falcons Waffles Man, Ola Wagstrom (1 G), Franz Cooper, Riley Rush, Poopity Scoop (2 PIM), Chuck Crutchfield, Aaron Freakin Rome

A quiet game from the prospects in this match. Only 2 points contributed by the 11 prospects, albeit one was a goal and the other a primary assist (Fisterbottom's 6th for the season at the time). 

The Prospect of the Game is definitely my boy Ola Wagstrom, who notched his first SMJHL goal in the game at 3:04 of the second period to bring his team back to life and within 1 of the Militia. Although it ultimately wasn't enough, Wagstrom gave his team a chance to come back with his first goal.

Shoutout to the Militia's Willie Fisterbottom for their primary assist and 2 hits recorded, also showing up for this match.

[Image: Falcons-Banner.png]

Defenseman of the Night

Tonight we had a great very close 3-2 game with Montreal taking the win. Let's look at the defense to see who stood out!
Montreal Militia:
[Image: Montreal.png]
Charlie Shieck
[Image: rYyP3iq.png] – 2 Goals including the game winning goal scored in the 2nd period.  He played 22:03 of total ice time including 4:07 on the 1st Power Play pairing. Killed 1:03 on the PK as well. Great all around game and he had 3 shots total on goal as well as blocked 1.

Detroit Falcons:
[Image: Falcons-Banner.png]
Wolfhard Richter
[Image: fxuqKSL.png] – 1 Assist, +1 in the loss with 2 shots, 1 Hit and a whopping 23:40 played tonight. He had a lot of PK time as Detroit took 6 penalties. 4:58 to be exact. As well as 1:14 on the Power Play. His team walked away with the loss tonight but he stood out as a star doing what he could to win.

[Image: ktJ2jTl.png][Image: mK0RvNX.png]
[Image: Y5dn4Gt.png]
[Image: 96fhhEC.png]


Poopity Scoop here of the Detroit Falcons. Some may say the Militia won this game but some also say Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, that Roy Oswalt killed JFK, and the Earth is a sphere. So we must question all things. And this game result... This is perhaps the greatest international conspiracy known to man. Now as I was on the ice, we played a real great game and Charlie Scheick, he came at me with a knife and stabbed me. I told the referee but the referee then pulled a knife on me and told me "ayy bruh shut up ya squank". So clearly the Militia were not playing by the rules and even did something to get the referees on their side. I have appealed to the SMJHL Commissioner but have not heart anything yet. Over and out.

[Image: Skree.gif]
[Image: Poopity_Scoop_1.png]
^^^^Credits to Snussu^^^^
[Image: Scoop.png]

[Image: Skree.gif]
(08-24-2018, 01:08 PM)WannabeFinn Wrote: Ah yes, the veteran meme player. A surefire bet for maybe 400 TPE Tongue
[Image: Poppity.png]
^^^^^ Thank you JSSSSS


It’s now the right time to make some judgements on the S43 SMJHL rookies and therefore, we can shine the light on some strong performances from the match-week and draw attention to how these players are being used. We have a plethora of strong rookies this season from the SMJHL S43 draft class. And one of those rookies is Montreal Militia defenseman Willie Fisterbottom. Let‘s have a quick look on how the first-year D-man did in this game against the Detroit Falcons.

Willie Fisterbottom against the Detroit Falcons:

1 assist; 0 rating; 2 hits in 13:07 minutes played.

This guy is a true steal of the draft, ladies and gents. And in this game he clearly shows why. Everyone has seen at least one of Fisterbottom’s SMJHL goals, but he’s also proving to be a deft passer as well. He assisted Mason Hudson on the teams first goal of the night to put the Militia up by one goal. But it was Fisterbottom that was leading the charge deep into the Falcons zone. Bringing the puck up from behind his blue line, relying on his puck-handling skills and the ability to squeeze through opposing players. And the last thing you know, he makes the beautiful pass to his teammate Hudson who directs the pass towards Cedric Robinson who is unable to do a thing against such attack. Beautiful play.

[Image: BpyB.gif]

Our analyst, ex-Detroit Falcon Jurgis Bulota had a few things to say about Willie Fisterbottom after the game:

“I like his competitiveness. I like his poise and patience for a youngster,” Bulota said, “He’s only going to get better in how he’s going to read situations, play around his net in his own end. But I like how he wants the puck. He really has good patience and good play-recognition. And you really have to take in the fact that this guy was picked in the 4th Round, 27th overall. He plays out there like he has something to prove and he did just that here today against Detroit.“

[Image: ontanis.gif]

[Image: 6by0kBi.png] [Image: YztPk3T.png]
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