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S44 Fantasy Signups

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yeah add me.

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#1 All-Time SHL Goal & Point Scorer 
- First 2,000 TPE Player in SHL History - 
- First 400 Goal Scorer in SHL History -
- First GM to Win 5 Challenge Cups -
- Only 500 Goal Scorer in SHL History -
Esa Anrikkanen Award - SMJHL ROY - Est. S34
Vidrik Onoprienko Award Winner - S45

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I don't remember if I signed up so here I am signing up

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free 1m lesgo

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Latvia  Latvia  Latvia
Thanks to @Jogurtaa for the sig!

im iinn

D- Benois Minuscule
1 time Four Star Cup champion
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yeah ok

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(credit JSS)

cannot remember did I signed up already, but just in case Im signing up again! :D

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