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S44 - Regular Season Index

NEW goes from cup contender to dead last

Big oof

6-3-1 in the last 10. RIP Tank :’(

[Image: C6f1iDH.png]

(2 hours ago)WannabeFinn Wrote: You ever feel like the world is ending

Only my fantasy season, having taken Buffalo goaltending.

[Image: nQDbTbM.png]

[Image: hA5o4UG.png]

This is some good shit

[Image: insayne.gif]
Dani Forsberg || LW || West Kendall Platoon || 1817 TPE

Firebirds Platoon Sweden

(4 hours ago)Avakael Wrote: [Image: unknown.png]

[Image: YpIkIJ4.gif]

Welcome to the end of season 43 for Edmonton.

[Image: ctanner.gif]

1. Montreal Militia , Barbie Tanner 5 (Jack Tanner 15, Connor Tanner 11) at 3:55
First Triple Tanner Point.

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