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S44 PT #2 - The Event


Forward: Jason Visser
Forward: Louie Garrett
Forward: Dani Forsberg
Defense: Alexis Metzler
Defense: Jack Tanner
Goalie: Jordin FourFour Jr.

I think this is an extremely well rounded team that could go toe to toe with the NHL Allstars. Everybody brings a different dynamic to the team that I think would mesh very well together overall. My name on the team sheet had to go to Jason Visser at C. Visser has been one of the best, if not the best player in the league in recent seasons, posting lofty point totals while also playing a physical brand of hockey. On his right is Louie Garrett of the riot, one of the best goalscorers in the league who has been the key cog for Seattle. On the left wing is Dani Forsberg, in my opinion one of the more underrated players in the league. This guy can do it all, he puts up over a point per game consistently and hits like a mack truck. On defense I opted for Jack Tanner and Alexis Metzler. Metzler brings rock steady, physically bruising defense while also being an excellent offensive players. Jack Tanner, while not being as physical as Metzler, is also excellent both offensively and defensively, and blocks a shitload of shots. In net it was really a no brainer to go with FourFour Jr. Despite not having the experience of a few other goalies in the league FourFour's pedigree and stats speak for themselves.

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Honestly I’ve been super busy lately, and I never know much about other teams or players so realistically this PT is gonna suck. But for Forwards, I’d pick Leshaun King cause he’s the highest TPE earner in his draft class by a lot. I’d pick Luke Thomason cause he’s my favourite person ever, and he livens up every locker room he’s in. he’d also be my “numbers guy” and give our team all the stats we need to succeed. I’d pick Eero Makinen as my last forward because he’d supply the McGriddles for our team. For D’s I’d pick Ray Bork. Because he’s an emoji/meme genius. And Jack Tanner because he can run our sims and set up the best plays. Finally As for my Goalie, I’m going with the one and only Benjamin Blue because I’m he was my Armada goalie and the only goalie I know. My starting line up is pretty much the Pride lineup. Not because of skill, but because of substance. This team brings work ethic(king), statistics(Luke), sustenance(Eero), entertainment(Ray), brains(Jack), and youthful energy(Benjamin). These are the qualities needed to make a great team and an even better locker room. I can’t say this lineup will win championships, but they will definitely win hearts.  Heart

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Shout out to ml002, schultzy, slashacm, tedward!
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(09-05-2018, 10:04 PM)Beaver Wrote: Wow look what the PT affiliation has done to our pristine league.
(12-19-2018, 12:31 AM)Beaver Wrote: I personally blame the PT affiliation for handing out massive amounts of free TPE to all these players, inflating the TPE they're at when they get called up.

Team: Reliving the NEW Past

Forward: Mainio Makinen
Forward: Jonathan Lundberg
Forward: Dieter Dominique
Defense: Mia Landvik
Defense: Toivo Kosonen
Goalie: Mikke Laukkanen

Synopsis: This is more of a personal preference obviously for the players I'd send to the All-Star Vs Event. All of these players are players that I had the privilege of playing with during my previous player's career. Jonathan Lundberg was an amazing player who centered Bure for just a few short but sweet seasons that saw Bure's most productive seasons. He's not quite the same player as he used to be, but he's certainly a more physical player than when he used to play back in the early S30s. Mainio Makinen was both a winger and a center for Bure during his career. He played along with Lundberg and Bure and was a consistent face next to Bure on the bench. Dieter Dominque... I mean c'mon. It's @bilbo. I had to add the Deets. Landvik has been one of the most physical players that Bure's ever played with despite the occasional friendly fire, and one of his favorite teammates in his career. Toivo was the quarterback defense for much of NEW's S30 lifespan and another friend among the Wolfpack guard. Laukkanen, despite going inactive has been NEW's goalie for over a dozen seasons now.

All-time New England Wolfpack scorer
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Team: SHL
Forward: Oisin Fletcher
Forward: Mike Izzy
Forward: Louie Garrett
Defense: Alexis Metzler
Defense: Max Weber
Goalie: Beaujeaux Biscuit

Izzy is a beast, bringing not only the scoring touch but also the physical presence you need. Louie Garrett is a shooting machine who is perenially up there in the points stats at the end of the season. Oisin Fletcher has been really coming into his own the past couple seasons to become a dominant offensive force in the league. Metzler is the stud defenseman who has a cannon of a shot and is currently leading all defensemen in points and the entire league in powerplay goals.Weber has perenially been one of the SHL's best defenders but is having a bit of a down season. And Biscuit has become a rock solid goalie who will keep you in games every night and win you most of them. I think this team would have a great chance against the NHLers, you have a shooting machine and a physical power forward up front with a sniping defenseman and a rock solid goalie. All in al that's why I chose these players.

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Team: SHL

Forward: Dani Forsberg
Forward: Mike Izzy
Forward: Tigole Bitties
Defense: Alexis Metzler
Defense: Isaac Odegard
Goalie: Bojo Biscuit

Synopsis: Fairly straight forward line up. If we are to take on the best in the NHL and triumph then we will need to be selecting the best players available to represent the SHL. Forsberg, Izzy and Bitties all provide a hard physical edge while not sacrificing ability in front of the net. They have 29 goals and 58 points over 51 games as well as 199 hits which is phenomenal. We continue the trend on the blue line where Metzler and Odegard have combined for 14 goals and 38 points over 34 games. With these five players on the ice the NHL team can expect to not only challenged physically but have to be at their best defensively to deny the SHL team scoring opportunities. To round off the team we have Bojo Biscuit in net who stood on his head to help West Kendall to the title last season and has so far started of the season in excellent form with a 0.926 save percentage over 11 games.

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In a more of what have you done for me lately... My SMJHL Futures team is going to consist of a "To this point in the Season" standpoint. So here goes:

C- Kristof Kovacs, Halifax - A do everything man, he fills every line with strength and power. Up and down he continues to dominate the lineup regardless of what the coaches ask of him on a game to game basis.
W- Vladislav Konstantin, Kelowna - A scoring machine that continues to throw Kelowna up on his back and trudge through the season. With a goalie of Zz's one wonders how long this scoring pace can keep up.
W- Crush Cile, Halifax - Recently promoted to first line, we are starting to see the resurgeance of what was a rough and tumble force on the ice. His strength in the corners often leads to opportunities in front of the goal.
D - Tauras Karazija, Vancouver - The man has the ability to find anyone on the ice. He is a sound blue liner with hands that can makes that outlet 110% of the time.
D - Scott Niedermayer Jr., Kelowna - What more can you ask for from a Juniors player? He scores, he passes... most of all he leads the league in blocked shots.
G - Justin Willis, Halifax - New comer to the SHL... and the future!

Dani Foresberg - Jason Visser - Terrance Nova
Isak Odegard - Alexis Metzler
Michael McFadden

How I made this line up ~
If I were to make an ultimate line up to go up against any superstar line... I would have to start off with the SHL MVP best Jason Visser, a dynamic goal scorer that can skate his ass off and finish games. The next pick would obv have to be someone that is a perfect complimentary piece, someone that can facilitate and score, a forward just as dynamic as Visser and slows the game down for his teammates, that someone would be my player Terrance Nova.. slotted on the right wing. Both guys have seen time together on team USA so the chemistry will be there. Dani Forseberg would be the left wing, hes become one of the best playmaking forwards that isn't shy of physical play and would top off the offense perfectly as the grinder of this unit. Odegard currently leading all dmen in goals, a smooth skating defenseman paired with Metzler, who leads all dmen in points whi is also a goon like Forseberg, will be backing up McFadden, the face of the SHL as far as goaltending goes.... this squad would bring nightmares to any opponent and the meta of this team should be unbeatable skill wise compared to any SHL line combo I can think of.

Team: SHL

Forward: Sophia Bennett
Forward: Oisin Fletcher
Forward: Robert Phelps
Defense: Max Weber
Defense: Finn Kruger
Goalie: Beaujeaux Biscuit

This team is really just a group of people I'd like to see my player play with, except Kruger, already play with that bum. To top that though, these players are all extremely good.

The forwards, I decided to go with high skill, not so high physical stats. Phelps and Bennett have played together before in Juniors but their builds compliment each other well, then Fletcher is one of the highest skilled wingers in the league and would help get the most out of this line.

The defense, Kruger is an extremely versatile D man in this league and weber has the offensive potential to play well along side him. Weber has shown his versatility as well and I think this combo would go far together.

The goalie, bojo is young and already one of the star goalies of this league. Pretty easy choice here.

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Team - SMJHL

F - Luke Thomason - He's good with graphs and data and all of that analytical stuff which could come in handy if we get into trouble creating space. After crunching a lot of numbers he could find the right shooting lanes and give us a chance.
F - Willy Mack - Nice guy. Good hands. Good motivational speaker.
C - Derek Bohne - Every team needs a ladies man and I have to go with King here. The mothers even love him.
D - Jeff Brogen - He's a good dancer. I'll let you interpret that however you want.
D - Charlie Schieck - Every team needs a leader he'll do I guess. Him and Jeff together are my lifelines if we are to stand any chance. Good taste in music. And we share a birthday so that's cool.
G - Petr Vrana - I have to put myself on here. My save percentage may be really bad, like terrible, but this is too fun not to miss.

Thread closed! Great responses!

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