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S45 Fantasy Signups

I'm in

Backdoor Barnacle - RW - Vancouver Whalers

[Image: BBBARN.jpg]

I'm In !

[Image: japan3.png][Image: stampede.png] [Image: lions-button-playerpage.png] [Image: lions-button-updates.png] [Image: stampede.png][Image: japan3.png]  
[Image: tnlastatine.gif]

I am in!

[Image: 57290_s.gif][Image: Green_STS_Logo.jpg]
raiders  Uk  raiders
SpectersSpecters Specters

I should not forget to sign up.

[Image: Zoone16.gif]
|| [Image: rts3Ifn.png] [Image: fgEKIon.png] [Image: Hia0cg9.png] ||

Count me in!

I'm in!


I am in if there is space.

[Image: 9XCbVhK.gif]
[Image: ZLFsPGL.png]

Is it too late for this

[Image: HUNT.png]
Size matters

I'm in

[Image: Bk1689.gif]

In, someone just PM how to do it and I'm there.

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