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S44 SMJHL PT 6 - Lessons Learned

I chose 2 games from the regular season against the Montreal Militia because I wanted to show how the playoff series could have easilly been the other way and show why we were able to win too and thanks to which players.

So for the game that went well for the Raptors. That's a fairly easy one. Game 33 of the season. The Raptors won 6 to 2 against the Militia in a fairly close game shots wise. Raptors shot 28 times while Montreal fired 26 times are Scottey Crawfling. This also gives us the first reason why the game was won by Colorado. Because of Scottey Crawfling the guy just stood on his head only allowing 2 goals and ending the game with a 92.3% Save Percentage. The other big reason why Colorado won is that they first Defender pairing just had a great day with 4 points for each of Zoidberg Jr. and Maddox. Maddox was all assists this game but Zoidberg scored a hattrick as a defender. Vrana had a bad day that day and was pulled ending the game with a 42.9 SV%.

As for the game that went not so well for the Raptors. That's game 68 of the regular season. 6 to 2 for Montreal. Crawfling had an abysmal performance getting pulled after 29 minutes with a 69.2 SV% after letting in 4 goals on 13 shots. Vrana on the toher hand a good game with allowing 2 goals on 27 shots resulting in a 92.6 SV%. Another big factor for the Militia in this game was Willy Mack. He scored a hattrick and got an assist in this game single handedly winning this game for Montreal.

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Eduard Selich Bojo Stats

3. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 5 (Maximilian Wachter, Alexis Metzler) at 16:25
5. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 6 (Steven Stamkos Jr., Brynjar Tusk) at 19:48
8. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 7 (Brynjar Tusk, Alexis Metzler) at 13:55
9. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 8 (Anton Fedorov, Mikelis Grundmanis) at 15:12
10. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 9 (Dickie Pecker) at 19:43 (Empty Net)

While perhaps not the worst game the Anchorage Armada played this year, Game 23 against Halifax was a worrisome loss. Game 23 would turn out to be a 5-1 loss, becoming the fifth consecutive loss to start the season. The game stats seem to show a frustrated team- the Armada threw 32 shots at the net, 12 more than Halifax and most of them being low quality chances. A lackluster powerplay (0 for 7, 0%), combine with a brutal penalty kill (1-3, 33%) was topped by Larry Atta being benched between the second and third, after allowing 4 goals on 15 shots.

Game 56 vs the Whalers saw a different story. In a 6-5 shootout win, Anchorage display better shot selection, scoring their 5 regulation goals in 28 shots. Three of these goals came in the third, which they started down 3-2., showing perseverance. While the powerplay was still flaccid, the penalty kill saw improvement, only allowing Vancouver one powerplay goal out of three attempts (2 of 3,66.67%). The game would also be a turning point in the season, as Anchorage would win relatively half of their games of the remainder of the season, a drastic improvement on the season. Hank Scorpio also proved why he won the starting position, keeping his team in the game by saving 35 out of 40 shots faced.

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Season 44 was an up and down one for the Colorado Raptors. Not every completely settling down into a rhythm, and the team had to fight to make it into the playoffs. One game where the Raptors didn't fare so well was Game 88 against the Vancouver Whalers. The first glaring stat is that the Raptors were outshot 30-22, and specifically throughout the 2nd period they were hammered by the Whalers. Two thirds of the Raptors top line was negative two as well. But the most telling stat of the game was that the Powerplay for the Whalers posted a 75% conversion rate. If you want to win a game you need to limit the damage on the powerplay and the Raptors did not in this one.

As for a game where things went right? I would look at Game 33 against the Montreal Militia. This game should have been a big flashing signal for why the Colorado Raptors were going to upset the Militia in the playoffs. Goaltender Scottey Crawfling played well with 24 saves on 26 shots, and the Colorado Raptors shut down the Militia powerplay, giving up no goals in 5 chances throughout the game. But the most telling stat was the offensive production of the defense, with Sachimo Zoidberg Jr scoring a hattrick in the game. Everything went well for the Colorado Raptors in this one and they replicated it in the playoffs to take down the Militia in the first round.

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