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S44 - SHL Playoff Index

Oh yeah @.bojo

[Image: bonk.gif]
Sigs by @FlappyGiraffe,  @Steelhead77,  @ToeDragon84 and other dude I need to find your name

Lil' Manius

Big Manius

(12-10-2018, 12:41 PM)Bonk Wrote: Oh yeah @.bojo

my best move as gm was not being gm anymore

Please give @JR95 some cred please and ty.

6. Hamilton Steelhawks , Ludwig Koch Schroder 1 (Justs Sirmais, Taro Eichelele) at 7:52 (PP)
- 1st SHL Goal. Game 12
<div align=left><SELECT style="background-color:black; color:#ff4c10; font-family:Calbri; font-size: 14px; width: 400px; "><br><OPTION>Ludwig Koch Schroder | D | WKP |

[Image: cxRdngi.png]

Platoon [Image: D6T4tiy.png][Image: 2vua6ac.png][Image: 2vua6ac.png][Image: D6T4tiy.png] Platoon 

Whens the big show starrrrt

(12-10-2018, 10:11 PM).bojo Wrote: Whens the big show starrrrt

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=9470333]

[Image: leppis2.gif]
Sigs made by Enigmatic, Wasty, King & Kalakar
[Image: EbSl82f.png] [Image: 3j3edy5.png]


[Image: Evok.gif]

Lol Nova and Wozy still outscored everyone, incredible.

Alonzo Garbanzo Final Tallies (Among Defensemen):
2nd in Goals (208), All-Time Assists Leader (765)*, All-Time Points Leader (973), 3rd in Hits (2587), All-Time Blocked Shots Leader (1882)*
*All-Time Leader Among All Skaters
Player Profile | Update Thread
[Image: vBDxFSD.png]


[Image: XV3J3Wy.png]
[Image: ksdVNiP.png]

Wozy with the 14 game point streak wow

4-0-1 fight record

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