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See ya

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o :(

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Y tho

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fuck what happened?

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Thank you all for the amazing sigs & player cards
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First Career 5 goal game (S34 vs MAN) Wrote:3. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 5 (Maximilian Wachter, Alexis Metzler) at 16:25
5. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 6 (Steven Stamkos Jr., Brynjar Tusk) at 19:48
8. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 7 (Brynjar Tusk, Alexis Metzler) at 13:55
9. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 8 (Anton Fedorov, Mikelis Grundmanis) at 15:12
10. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 9 (Dickie Pecker) at 19:43 (Empty Net)

You'll be missed :(

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Trophy Case:
S39 WJC Gold
S42 IIHF Silver
S43 Aiden Richan
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(12-05-2018, 07:18 PM)LB. Wrote: See ya

Would it help if I told you I loved you and wanted to have your babies?

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What was quick. And Sad

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                                            Thanks Mayuu, JSS, Karey and Danny!! (Gif made by myself)


pride Uk raiders
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(12-05-2018, 08:08 PM)Snussu Wrote: What was quick. And Sad

[obvious joke]


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