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S45 Anaheim Outlaws Interested Prospects

(12-19-2018, 10:16 AM)Dangles13 Wrote: Hello,

I am the new and shiny General Manager of the Anaheim Outlaws, a franchise steeped in history, and I would like to get to know you. This will be a little different than most IP threads in that I won't ask questions; I would like for you to list your player name and position as well as your Discord ID if you have but outside of that I would just like you to tell me about yourself in a few sentences. Whatever you want to tell me is fair game!

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Tibuk Soonika - G - Discord # 5687

First timer in the SHL and looking forward to this! Played goalie through my own hockey career and have roughly based the player on your truly!

[Image: Mask-Render-SAMPLE-Tibuk-Soonika-SIGNATURE.png]
Tibuk Soonika - G - Anaheim Outlaws | Update Page

Clifton Outlaw, LW, Hanburger#3538

I'm a first timer here, and I think it looks pretty cool! I was a winger when I played hockey, but I've made my player more offensively focused (and hopefully better) than I was. I'm hoping to have fun here!

[Image: M8wdjCb.png]

Hey, Tuonela#6720, two way defenseman. I love hockey in real life, and I am a Sharks fan, so my love for Anaheim is... not great? However, Selanne is also my favorite player of all time, so all is forgiven if you'd be as kind to draft me.

[Image: Rq2Dtaw.png]  [Image: Anchorage.png]  [Image: PPpK5xb.png]

[Image: vE2xRO8.png]


Frank Mouette
Right Wing

I love hockey, in real life, in chel, and anywhere.


Jordan Joestar, Right Wing. My Discord is A story that denies 「happiness」#9261. I'm a weeb that stays online the whole day if not at school. I should probably be doing my homework right now though. I'm from the DC area and hate the Pens.

Osbert Whacker - D

I'm a sim league vet who is a great earner with good track record, looking to do it right this time around here.

[Image: wHACKER.png]


Sign me bitch

S2, S5, S18, S22 Challenge Cup Champion
Hall Of Famers: (S7) Alex Reay | (S28) Daniel Merica
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