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Big Fudge Updates
#1 + 5 tpe (mock) +5 tpe (interested prospects) +2 tpe (early bird) TTC (+10 defense) +2 tpe activity check 500k weekly training +3

17 tpe + 10 defense

+18 defense 61 ---> 70
+9 skating 60 ---> 64.5
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Updated! @HabsFanFromOntario

Also when you are claiming PT's link to the specific thread not just the whole webpage. I let it slide this time but next time your update will get rejected if you dont. If you have any questions you can pm me

Updated because I messed up

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Quote:Sig Credit: @Wasty  @caltroit_red_flames  @GeckoeyGecko  @King and more

#3 +5 weekly training +2 activity check

+1 skating 64.5 -> 65
+6 passing 61 -> 64

Tried using the number clicking and copying that, let me know if it worked.

Updated! Links worked!

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Blizzard Raptors Blizzard Raptors Blizzard Raptors Blizzard Raptors Blizzard


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