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S45 Game #33 Vancouver Whalers vs Anaheim Outlaws

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Vancouver Whalers Whalers   vs   Anaheim Outlaws  Outlaws

Two Pacific teams matching up tonight as the red hot expansion team, the Anaheim Outlaws, are coming into tonight’s game on a 3 game win streak to take on the Vancouver Whalers. Vancouver’s last loss came to the league leading Colorado Raptors in a 5-1 defeat. Meanwhile the Outlaws have won 3 in a row and are rested having had an extra day to rest their group after playing 3 games in 3 days.
Period 1
The Outlaws open the scoring at 5:06 as Osbert Whacker clear the Anaheim zone to Uvis Zommers. Zommers brings the puck into the Vancouver zone and passes to Sean Watson who snaps his first of the season making is 1-0. At 11:48 Anaheim’s  Thornton Opperman is called for Goalie Interference and is sent to the box. The Whalers would make the outlaw pay on the Power Play as Barrett McCarthy scores his second of the year to make it a 1-1 game. Only a minute and a half later Thornton Opperman coughs up the puck to Tauras Karazija. Karazija feeds the puck to Andy Kerr who passes to William Goose in the Anaheim zone. Goose shoots it past Tibuk Soonika putting the Whalers up 2-1.

Outlaws Sean Watson (1) - (Uvis Zommers, Osbert Whacker) 
Whalers Barret McCarthy (2) - (Andy Kerr, Carlo Russo) PP
Whalers  William Goose (1) - (Andy Kerr, Tauras Karazija)

Period 2
Onto the second and after a chippy first half to the period Anaheim is called for another Goalie Interference penalty at 9:53. It would take only 11 seconds for Vancouver’s Tauras Karazija to pick up a loose puck and net his 3rd of the season putting Vancouver up 3-1. Vancouver’s Shaquille Derisraka would be called for an Interference penalty at 11:25. Not to be out done by Vancouver’s quick conversion on the previous Power Play Anaheim’s Jerry Mander hits Hiro Fujikawa with a pass who converts just 11 seconds into the Power Play to make it a 1 goal game again. 3-2 Vancouver at the end of the second period.
Whalers Tauras Karazija (3) - (Carlo Russo, Andy Kerr) PP
Outlaws  Hiro Fujikawa (5) - (Jerry Mander) PP

Period 3
Both teams locked it down in the 3rd period not wanting to give up any significant amount of shots. Tibuk Soonika and Casimir Stevens both stood tall and gave their teams a chances to win. Milo Momoka of Anaheim was called for Slashing at 7:49, however Anaheim was able to hold off the strong Vancouver Power Play.
Final Score: Vancouver Whalers 3 Anaheim Outlaws 2

3 Stars
1 - Tauras Karazija
2 - Andy Kerr
3 - Carlo Russo

Post Game:
Vancouver’s hot power play units were able to capitalize on an undisciplined Anaheim team and was able to tip the scales in their favour giving them an all important victory. Vancouver scored on an impressive 66% of their power play opportunities. While Anaheim continued to push through the 3rd period it was clear that Vancouver was running low on gas as they managed a mere 3 shots on Anaheim goalie Tibuk Soonika. Fortunately for Vancouver Casimir Stevens was able to meet the challenge and maintained the lead through the 3rd period. Neither team will have much time to dwell on the results as they are both back in action tomorrow night.

[Image: Mask-Render-SAMPLE-Tibuk-Soonika-SIGNATURE.png]
Tibuk Soonika - G - Anaheim Outlaws | Update Page
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Karl's Stars

1st star - Andy Kerr Whalers - the second star on the game sim, I bumped him to number one. factoring in on 3 goals with just 15:51 ice time is no easy task as he made the most of every minute he was on the ice. He also won 9 of 11 faceoffs for a sparkling 82% win percentage at the dot.
2nd star - Tauras Karazija Whalers - with 1 assist and 1 goal, which would turn out to be the game winner, and a mitt full of supporting numbers including a team leading 4 shot blocks it's no surprise Tauras received first star honors in the sim. An easy choice at number two in my stars.
3rd star - Hiro Fujikawa Outlaws - I don't like to triple dip on a single team so I'm going to go across the bench and take Hiro. With 1 goal and a team leading 5 shots on goal he was the driving force that brought the Outlaws within 1 goal of a comeback.

Thanks to enigmatic, ckroyal92, iOBESE, Jogurtaa, karey and Reynolds for the sigs!
[Image: karlssens.gif]
[Image: karlssens2.gif]

BlizzardKnights  Player Page || Update Page  KnightsBlizzard

Comment 1: Rookie Watch
This was a hard-fought game by both sides, with most players ending up with even +/- ratings. Often times in Juniors games early in the season, the difference makers are the young rookies and how much above their potential they're playing. Let's look at one standout from each team:
Whalers Barromini Cannellini - 4 shots, 2 hits, 1 shot block, 8/16 faceoffs - Although he didn't show up on the scoresheet, 2nd line center Cannellini had himself a decent game in 15 minutes of ice time. He made his presence known on both sides of the ice and won half his faceoffs. Nothing to scoff at, especially when you're facing wiley veteran Derek Bohne half the time.
Outlaws Jerry Mander - 3 shots, 3 hits, 1 assist, 2/2 faceoffs - Mander hasn't had a great start to the year, but he's doing what he has to do, and that's hit people while getting the puck to his faster linemates. He got on the scoresheet this time around, which is a big added bonus.

Comment 2: Who Blew It?
This is a little morbid, but it's important for teams that lose these close battles to really determine the root cause of the loss. In this particular box score, it isn't as glaring a miss; most people are at a 0 +/-, a few different lines contributed, etc. However, 3 of the 5 combined goals in this game came on the power play, so special teams was a little suspect for both sides. The Whalers were 2/3 on powerplays, which is, frankly, unacceptable for any team looking to go far in the playoffs. For the Outlaws, it's easy to blame the entire PK unit for losing twice, but it's even easier to blame the one guy who got in the box for what would be the GWG, and that's Jonny Jokihoki. The rookie hasn't been in too much trouble this year, so let's hope this is a learning experience.

Comment 3: Goalie Advantage?
One important thing to note is that Anaheim started their backup goalie, Tibuk Soonika for this matchup. It was an interesting management decision to go with Soonika over Mike Hunt who's had a red-hot start and already recorded 2 shutouts in the young season. Then again, it's important to get playing time in for everybody. Even though Soonika did very well in this game, his lack of experience with the defensemen, especially on the penalty kill, could have led to more miscommunications and letting in those 2 goals. On the other side of the ice, Casimir Stevens has had a solid start to the year. He wasn't hit by many shots in this game, which is almost tougher down the stretch as he needs to stay alert. He didn't face more than 10 shots in any single period, and only 20 total in the game - and his 90% save rate is fairly even with his season total to this point!

[Image: image.png]

Game 33 Simweek 2 Vancouver Whalers @ Anaheim Outlaws

In this low scoring game in Anaheim California both goaltenders, Casimir Stevens (VAN) and Tibuk Soonika (ANA) had a mediocre night. With a Sv% from 0.900 (Stevens) and 0,875 (Soonika) both couldn’t show their A-Game to the sell out crowd in Anaheim. An excuse should bet the ice of the rink that was not in best condition but all players have to handle with it. Vancouver won this game 3-2 because Casimir Stevens was a nuance better in his fourth win than Soonika in his first loss. Maybe because of the little playing time Soonika has seen to this time.

[Image: image.png][Image: image.png][Image: image.png][Image: image.png][Image: image.png]

Comment 1:

Outlaw Spotlight: Osbert Whacker - Defense
Today's Outlaw Spotlight will focus on Rookie Defensemen Osbert Whacker. Whacker has been making a name for himself in Anaheim. Whacker has found himself on the second pairing on the blue-line 7 games into the season. In tonight's game he continued his impressive performance with an assist to teammate Sean Watson on a beautiful top shelf snipe. Whacker now has 3 assists for the season and is hoping to drive those numbers much higher. Whacker also had an impressive 20 minute of ice time tonight, only to be eclipsed by his partner Anthony Banthony. In this reporter's opinion he should have received 3rd star for his solid play and effort.

Comment 2:

Snapping the Streak:

With 7 games played so far in their inaugural season, Anaheim has come out firing. The Outlaws had won the previous 3 games going into tonight's game and were poised to give the home crowd something to cheer for. Sadly this would be their night as the Vancouver Whalers would win 3 to 2 in a close game. With Andy Kerr finding 3 assists, the Whalers were able to hold of the energetic Outlaws until the final horn blew. A real deciding factor for the Outlaws was the two Goaltender Interference calls which both lead to Power Play goals for the Whalers. Anaheim will have to figure out how to keep the pucks going to the net instead of players if they want to find themselves going far in the post season.

Comment 3:

Outlaw Country's Keys to the Game:
1. Terrible penalties and an ineffective PK. With two separate Goaltender interference calls resulting in power play goals the Outlaws will have to shore up their discipline and defense if they want to succeed. Even with stupid penalties, the PK needs to step up and cover their side of the ice
2. Out Done Across the Board. The Outlaws were out-shot, out-hit, and out played across almost every category. Aside from Faceoffs, the team needs to be winning more battles  along the boards. Not being able to keep the puck and get shots on net cost Anaheim tonight and if they do not improve it will only continue.

[Image: CkNBGP4.png] [Image: BPCtWP.gif]
[Image: EbSl82f.png] Outlaws Usa  Chiefs [Image: 3j3edy5.png]

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Russia Russian spotlight: hustle Russia

In tonight’s Russian highlight reel, we look at the plethora of Russians that play for Anaheim (for some reason) and how their grind has mattered to their team.

Mister McCarty - A good friend of lifetime Russian goalie Mark Harper, McCarty is a quiet presence in Anaheim. He cleans up well, though. The center seems to be a bit gifted at the dot, something that he showcased tonight with a stellar 74% FO% in 19 FO taken.

Alexei Ivanov - The rookie is quietly starting to catch his bearings on the Anaheim roster. He’s not much of a scorer yet, with no goals so far this season, but he’s started putting some hits up. His TOI isn’t high yet, as Anaheim’s roster is quite loaded, but once he starts getting a bit more ice time, expect this kid to explode.

Jerry Mander - One of the most surprising Russian rookies so far this season, Mander has exploded onto the SMJHL with strong defense and a bit of offense too. The American ex-pat is currently 6th in the league in hits, showing how effective his play as a power forward has been so far.

Hustle play of the night:

[Image: johnny-gaudreau1.gif?w=500&h=269]

Quote:5. Anaheim Outlaws , Hiro Fujikawa 5 (Jerry Mander 3) at 11:36 (PP)

There’s nobody else from the federation it could go to tonight. Jerry Mander never gives up on this puck, putting up an absolute beauty of an assist in to get his linemate, Hiro Fujikawa, his 5th goal of the season. Seriously, we could watch this all night.

This group of forwards will be big for the Russian Federation going forward, with McCarty contributing to the team’s strong center depth, and Ivanov and Mander putting up great offensive and defensive numbers on the wing.

[Image: shlpris41.gif]
[Image: FJ4Sjuj.png] |[Image: apAE8qn.png] | [Image: uEsOaLl.png]
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