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Gaspard Boone's Updates

AC #252 (+2 TPE)

Bank 2 TPE

Total TPE: 288
Season Cap: 5/40


[Image: Bk1689.gif]
(This post was last modified: 03-14-2019, 01:31 PM by Im_A_Boonana.)

2 TPE Banked
Topps Player Bio (+1 TPE)
3 on 3 Showdown 1 (+2 TPE)
True SHL Hollywood (+3 TPE)
AC #254 (+2 TPE)
SHL World Class Training (+5 TPE)

Total: 15 TPE

Skating (65>70)
Scoring (72>73)
Bank 1TPE

Total TPE: 303
Season Cap: 10/40

Updated, your bio link doesnt go there so I had to deduct 1 TPE. Also your 2 TPE doesnt go towards your total again as it was added last time. I updated your stats to what you wanted by removing points from your bank. Your bank is now at 2, your total TPE is 300. @Im_A_Boonana

[Image: Bk1689.gif]

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