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Awards & Trophies Frontrunners Halfway Through The Season

Awards & Trophies Frontrunners Halfway Through The Season

Well, almost, since when I started and most of the article we still had only 22 games simmed so apologies for it being a bit outdated already at the moment of publishing  Wink

Jay McDonald Award (Most Goals):
wolfpack F Tigole Bitties 14 G
Platoon F Dani Forsberg 13 G
Chiefs F Bobby Watson 13 G
Renegades F Louie Garrett 12 G
New England surprised everybody this season as it was rather widely expected they be in the bottom of Eastern Conference standings, but were able to take advantage of rather an easy schedule so far (5 vs Hamilton, 3 vs Rage) and Bitties was great so far for them.  Still, it's a wide-open race with 9 more players behind Top 4 with 11 goals.

Sergei Karpotsev Award (Most Points):
wolfpack F Tigole Bitties 35 P 14 G 21 A
Renegades F Louie Garrett 32 P 12 G 20 A
Blizzard F Joe Kurczewski 26 P 10 G 16 A
Dragons / Platoon F Roman Augustus 26 P 9 G 17 A
Similarly to above, a lot will depend if Top 2 will be able to keep up the pace, which is an outstanding so far. Bitties is on pace for almost 80 points and Garrett for 73, which is outstanding and if continues might be one of the most interesting MVP races considering other players on different positions are having a hell of a season as well.

Turd Ferguson Award (Most PIMS):
Riot D Ti-Guy Emond 61 PIM, 15 PM5
Blizzard D Tor Tuck 57 PIM, 5 PM5
Jets D Gary Grease 49 PIM, 5 PM5
Stampede D Tatu Mäkelä 44 PIM, 0 PM5
wolfpack D Mia Landvik 40 PIM, 0 PM5
Rage D Clint Eastwood 40 PIM, 10 PM5
The lists grew twice as much when I realised some of those players won't show up on individual leaders board. Especially the leader Ti-Guy Edmond that had more major penalty minutes than points seems set dead on winning Turd Ferguson Award, but there is plenty of players within a fight or two or three range.

Mike Honcho Award (Least Goals Allowed):
Blizzard G Tommy Tuck 37 GA, 1.75 GAA
Dragons G Kata Vilde 46 GA, 2.54 GAA
Renegades G Walter Hobbs 47 GA, 2.39 GAA
Riot G Benjamin Blue 48 GA, 2.65 GAA
Young goalies are taking over the league Tuck is S39, Vilde S41 and Hobbs from S40. Tuck is heads and shoulders above the rest so far being on pace even better than record-breaking of Michael McFadden (2.06 GAA) last season.

Ron Mexico Award (League MVP) & Sarmad Khan Voting:
Blizzard G Tommy Tuck 0.939 PCT, 37 GA, 1.75 GAA
wolfpack F Tigole Bitties 35 P 14 G 21 A +/- +10
Blizzard F Joe Kurczewski 26 P 10 G 16 A +/- +17
wolfpack D Mia Landvik 20 P 4 G 16 A +/- +12
Renegades F Louie Garrett 32 P 12 G 20 A +/- 7
Oh my oh my it's going to be a tight race and really show how much the voter's fatigue of choosing the same position might show because Tuck is breaking the unfathomable at the start of S44 goalie records yet again. Bitties pace is amazing, though I still like NBA approach to MVP a bit more, where MVP should be part of at the very least one of the Top 2 teams in the conference/Top 4 in the league.

John McBride Award (Best Goalie):
Blizzard G Tommy Tuck 18/2 W/L, 0.939 PCT, 37 GA, 1.75 GAA
Renegades G Walter Hobbs 13/3 W/L, 0.918 PCT, 47 GA, 2.39 GAA
Dragons G Kata Vilde 9/9 W/L, 0.917 PCT, 46 GA, 2.54 GAA
Riot G Benjamin Blue 8/8 W/L, 0.915 PCT, 48 GA, 2.65 GAA
Michael McFadden regressed hard and is no longer Top 5 goalie after a historic season, but he has worthy successors. Tommy Tuck dominates every category and goalies awards are his to lose if he continues his great pace he should be MVP favourite as well. Shutout to Benjamin Blue, that is a positive surprise, I doubt anyone expected him to be Top 4 goalies this season.

Scott Stevens Award (Top D):
Riot D Toivo Kosonen 22 P 3 G 19 A 41 SB +/- -3
Stars D Finn Krüger 22 P 3 G 19 A 29 SB +/- +4
wolfpack D Mia Landvik 20 P 4 G 16 A 34 SB +/- +4
Stampede D Tatu Mäkelä 20 P 1 G 19 A 26 SB +/- +2
Blizzard D Connor Tanner 19 P 3 G 16 A 37 SB +/- +11
I think this reward suffers most from the sim really small pool of output stats, it's much harder to just judge top defenders by the points and blocked shots. Anyway, Kosonen not only making bank as GM but having a great season both blocking shots at a great rate and racking up points. I'm biased, but I like Tanner here too despite slightly less production, he is the best defender on the best team so far.

Ryan Jesster Award (Top Rookie):
Rage  F Alex Winters 22 P 6 G 12 A +/- +2
pride F Luke Thomason 17 P 7 G 10 A +/- -8
wolfpack G Johannes Leitner 11/7 W/L, 0.899 PCT, 3.29 GAA
Johannes Leitner is doing his best on the very offensive minded team (4th most Goals For, 3rd most Goals Against), but what Winters is doing is nothing short of amazing. He is the best player on his team and Top 15 forward so far, at least in terms of offensive output, since he is only even strength and power play specialist. Luke Thomason, on the other hand, is doing it on both sides, playing a lot of PK minutes. Also a ton of rookies overall on the ice this season - ~30 players are making their first steps in SHL, tough next year with expansion the number should be even bigger.

Lance Uppercut Award (Best GM):
Renegades dankoa & ligma
wolfpack Ace & jcfbey01
Blizzard karlssens & Keygan
Riot JSS & Torbvo
Texas finally living up to their potential and their rivalry with Edmonton should be exciting for years to come as they emerge as the current West Juggernaughts, while the usual powerhouses of Calgary, Panthers and Jets seem to falter a bit. Seattle is doing their best to finally properly rebuild, but they are giving their players exciting time with still being in the playoffs hunt. And Pride is still rebuilding.
On the East, Wolfpack shocked everyone and the Top 4 is for anyone to win and even two teams on the outside - Hamilton & Stampede shouldn't be counted out in with 28 games to go. Chiefs are also a positive surprise with how well they are doing early in their retool.

Joe McKeil Award (Best Coach):
Sorry, I'm not sure who is the coach of the teams, but mind-boggling stat of the day (props to @Keygan for it). If you summed up all teams goal difference that has positive value it would still be less than Edmonton's Blizzard :Blizzard: 39 >  Renegades 16 + Riot 1 + Stars 11 + Chiefs 4 + wolfpack 1. One thing is to have personal, and Blizzard certainly has a most stacked rooster, but another to utilize it. Hopefully it will translate to deep playoffs run this season.

Jeff Dar Award (Top two-way forward):
Blizzard F Joe Kurczewski 26 P 10 G 16 A +/- +17 6 SB 55 HIT
wolfpack F Tigole Bitties 35 P 14 G 21 A +/- +10 6 SB 66 HIT
Renegades F Louie Garrett 32 P 12 G 20 A +/- +7 12 SB 10 HIT
Dragons / Platoon F Roman Augustus 26 P 9 G 17 A +/- +9 5 SB 74 HIT
I don't like hits as being the determinating added stat for awarding best two-way forwards. Instead, I like to factor in also +/-, blocked shots and balance in their game. Anyway it's going to be a really tight race and I'm not sure the one I'd be comfortable with determining the winner.

Damian Littleton Award (Most Dedicated Member)
Blizzard Oisin Fletcher
Dragons Mike Izzy
wolfpack Eggy216
Stampede Chris-McZehrl
One more category I'm operating with limited knowledge since it's hard to judge without behind the scenes knowledge who does the most work. This year focus should probably go towards people that oversee and work on the expansions, both in SHL and in SMJHL.

Aidan Richan Award (Breakout Star):
Blizzard Tommy Tuck 18/2 W/L, 0.939 PCT, 37 GA, 1.75 GAA
Riot Flacko Lagerfield 22 P 10 G 12 A +/- 13 2 SB 27 HIT
Tuck was Top 2 goalie last season, but the improvement is insurmountable! Just in time for 8 season veteran to start hitting his peak. Lagerfield is enjoying a much bigger prime role in Seattle now too, since he had a slightly disappointing sophomore campaign, after more than a good rookie year. Just two players, since I'm not really that up to date to find another playing making a big step forward compared to last season.

Anton Razov Trophy (Playoff MVP):
Well, a little bit early for it, isn't it?

Hopefully, you enjoyed the read, it's always interesting to see how the favourites in the awards race stack up at halfway point and revisit it later when it's all decided for real.

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great article maj

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Good stuff my friend, though I disagree with your take on Two-Way Forward award - clearly hits are king Wink

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Those PIM numbers are horrible. Everyone should get their weights up.

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