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It's been quite a season for our protagonist, Derek Bohne. At the beginning of the Season he was poised to have a leading role on the Militia, hoping to lead them to their first cup in a number of seasons. However, after a change in management things got a bit shaken up for Bohne. After finishing season 44 amassing 19 goals and 41 points, Bohne found himself on the move to the brand new expansion team - the Anaheim Outlaws. Rumors have been circulating that pizza was unhappy with the direction that Montreal management was going in, but he never explicitly stated anything to the media. The start of his tenure in Anaheim got off to a rocky start, with his new general manager accusing him of not trying to play against his old team and lacking the energy the team wanted him to put forward - the same energy that made him one of the top centers in the SMJHL the season before.

After putting up an abysmal -1 rating with only one recorded shot on goal against his old team, Bohne found himself watching the next game from the locker room. Management wasn't sure if they made the right decision in trading for him, and he needed to prove that he was going to play Outlaws hockey. In his first game back from being benched, he was tied for a team worst -2, while still only putting up two shots on goal. After that game, he asked the players to have a players only meeting.

"Look, what was said in there will stay with us. This team is a great group of guys, a lot of younger kids here, and we all had some stuff to say. Coach and management weren't allowed in the room for the meeting, it was just us." Bohne would tell Angels Radio in a phone call later on.

Whatever was said in that meeting seemed to have resonated with the team. Their next game was against Montreal, the team that was gloating after beating Anaheim in Bohne's first game, and rookie goalie Mike Hunt stood on his head to shut the Militia out. Bohne ended up putting up an impressive 3 assists, 4 shots, and delivering two big hits in just over 20 minutes of ice time. Anaheim ended up with all three stars of the game in Bohne, Hunt, and rookie Collin Gibbles.

The winner of the trade to send Bohne to the Anaheim Outlaws is still out. Montreal is currently sitting in first place in the SMJHL, riding the hot hands of Mack and Vrana, but Anaheim is only five points behind them in the standings. The direct comparison of the two players traded, Keegan lo being the return for the Montreal Militia, might shed some more light on the potential winner of this trade.

While on Montreal, Bohne played a total of 7 games. During that time, he put up a paltry 0 goals on 10 shots and picked up 5 helpers. Since the trade, and missing a game due to being benched, he's put up 5 goals and 10 assists in 13 games with a commendable 47 shots on goal. His combined stats currently have him leading the Outlaws in points.

Before the trade, lo had 3 goals on 12 shots while putting up 2 assists in 7 games, putting him and Bohne in a direct tie for points. Since going to Montreal, he's managed 20 shots in the 14 games he's played there. Of those 20 shots, he's found the back of the net just two times, but has put up 9 assists to go with those two goals.

Looking at the trade from just those numbers, it seems like Anaheim has won the trade so far. Just before the halfway mark in the season, the two players are still very close to each other. We'll have to keep our eyes on this as we inch closer to the playoffs. The best we can hope for now is an Anaheim and Montreal final.

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looking forward to the final series against Montreal. :D

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It really sucked losing you man! But great job this season man.

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Outlaws ride together. Production line is rolling through the station.

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(01-12-2019, 02:13 PM)SpartanGibbles Wrote: Outlaws ride together. Production line is rolling through the station.

Bang Bang... or something.

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