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Borůvka Banananák Updates


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 Knights Usa Stampede    

Activity Check 264: +2 TPE
Training: +5 TPE
Milestones: +5 Capped

Total Points earned: 12
TPE: 375+12 = 387

Banked +12=32+12=44

Cap: 21/40


@PeanutButter your training link was to your milestones but I saw your training in your post history so I processed it. Please try to double check your links!

[Image: rvmpUh4.png]
 Knights Usa Stampede    
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Activity Check 265: +2 TPE
Training/Equipment: +33 TPE
PT 4: +3 Capped

Total Points earned: 38
TPE: 387+38 = 425

Banked +38=44+38=82

Cap: 24/40


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[Image: 9vAsr7c.png]
[Image: playerpage2.png][Image: updates2.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
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Activity Check 266: +2 TPE
Activity Check 267: +2 TPE
Training Camp: +5 TPE
Training Camp: +5 TPE
Training Camp: +15 TPE
Playoff Predictions Finals: +1 Capped +2 TPE
Championship Week: +12 TPE
Playoff Bracket: +4 Capped +3 TPE
Season Predictions: +3 Capped +5 TPE

Total Points earned: 59
TPE: 425+59 = 484

Banked +59=82+59=141

Cap: 3/40


@PeanutButter Not sure why I didn't notice this earlier but I realized you only have 343 TPE spent (484TPE - 141 Bank = 343), and you can spend up to 350 TPE while playing in the SMJHL. Might be intentional but I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to boost an attribute for the start of the season.

[Image: rvmpUh4.png]
 Knights Usa Stampede    

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