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S46 PT #3 - The Red Carpet

Rex Kirkby went to the annual SHL awards gala with the rest of his toonza team mates. He wasn't nominated for any awards himself but he thought that it wouldn't be looked on favorably if he stayed at home watching abducted in plain sight and smashing bourbon and colas alone on the couch instead of bonding with his team mates. Being with much bigger superstars he was able to pass by the media scrum without much attention until Beaujeaux decked out in a gold suit and black way farers grabbed him in a headlock and started yelling about how much he loved defensemen which of course meant that everyone started to take photos. Inside the event I was sat next to Jax Aittokallio and Mikhail Lokitonov. I played junior with Aittokallio and we were pretty good buds but when I arrived he turned to Lokitonov and said 'ML did I ever tell you how much you suck?'. I'm not sure Lokitonov understood but later I saw him crying in the bathroom so maybe he did. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful other than Dani winning another Dar trophy which was nice but didn't take away from our disappointment of losing another cup final.

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Written Task: in 150 words or more, talk to us about your red carpet moment! What did you wear? who designed it? what vehicle did you climb out of? did you bring anyone with you? were you asked any questions? who sat in the same row as you? did you or anyone else create any controversy or social media buzz? Walk us all through your red carpet experience!

I was wearing ben Waters byr fashion designer @nour. It was very nice u know. I would wear it again. Nour is so talented, I climb out of a boat onto the red carpet, honestly, the only way to arrive on the red carpet is via boat. Its a very fast boat and 10/10 i would ride dat boat into battle. I brought my gud pals Nour Harrak and Ben Waters. Just a great group of guys right here. We also brought kimmy because he is a nice guy i suppose. I sat with Robert phelps when I arrive at this thing. Honestly, i have no idea what this is for or why am I ever here but you know what im going to have fun with da boys tonight at this red carpet thing and we are gunna get fucked up and party u know. I didnt do anything on social media, i dont belieive in that shit, the gud people that party everyday with me are the only ones worth knowing what i do u know. fuk u idiots.

Originally, Mathias Seger planned to ride his bycicle to the awards show, but his team mates convinced him otherwise. In the end, Collin Gibbles ended up organizing a Mercedes limousine. Seger went with Gibbles and his girlfriend Anna Kendrick. Kendrick even brought a friend of hers as a date for Seger. She was apparently also an actress, but he's never heard of her before.
Being an actual nominee for the Elias Armis trophy, Seger was a popular interviewee. He spent almost 20 minutes to get from the car to the entrance of the building just answering various question about himself or his rookie season. 
At the main event, he sat in the same row as all his team mates. Jerry Mander and Hiro Fujikawa were also nominees, but it was only Seger's name who was called out. Hugs and high fives were given out before going on stage and receiving his award.
The show followed a long night of drinking and partying and in the morning a big part of the team didn't have a complete memory of the night before anymore.

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Joe K’s red carpet moment was a pretty good one. While he only spent one season with the Edmonton Blizzard, that one season was a doozy! The Blizzard and Joe K not only won the Challenge Cup, but they set records for being the best team of all time. To honor that, Joe K wore a smashing ice blue, three piece suit. He also wore ice blue shoes! He definitely owned the moment, as he made it clear during red carpet interviews that he was there to support his Blizzard teammates, and hoped Edmonton won every SHL award possible, including Joe K maybe taking home another MVP award. Joe sat with former Blizzard teammates Tommy Tuck, Teddy Cuddles, Tor Tuck, and Brady McIntyre, along with Roman Augustus, who was up for a few awards of his own. Most of his red carpet questions had to do with his new team in New Orleans, but Joe K made it clear to reporters that this night wasn’t about that stuff, and it was about the fantastic S45 season. (176)

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Eddy Ask Jr. arrived to the red carpet event with his brother. Not much is known about this guy except that they used to play together on Brynäs back in the Swedish Hockey League. A team where their father, Edwin Ask, was serving as coach and eventually General Manager.

The Ask Brothers arrived in matching Armani suits and got way too drunk. Eddy's brother started a fight Casimir Stevens about the starting role on the Whalers and got showed out before dinner. Eddy said he was sorry but got punched out and had to go to the hospital.

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Being a Raiders player that isn't Matt Kholin was tough at this year's awards. We in Halifax had had one of the worst seasons on record and not much to show for it. We still decided to rock up to the Awards and congratulate everyone else. Matt was of course surrounded by FBI agents, as he was still fighting allegations of killing that Russian hooker or something. Honestly his and Troy's drama is too much to keep up with sometimes. The rest of us turned up in a beaten up mini-van, because the budget was all gone for the year. I think we acted as media repellent, as some of the stars of the SHL were hovering around us. Maybe they genuinely wanted to get to know their potential team mates but I see their ulterior motive those shady fucks. Matt didn't win rookie of the year and it was clearly due to collusion from the feds and HO. Can't have an alleged murderer winning such a prestigious award now can we?

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Anastasia O'Koivu is no stranger to SHL awards shows, having gone to the event annually with her mother and father every season as they racked up accolades throughout their careers. At this point, she has very much come to be bored by the event, instead relishing in picking fights and getting into arguments with people to pass her time in a much more enjoyable fashion. O'Koivu spent most of SHL awards this year with her Russian contingency, and got her wish when she got into a screaming match with childhood frenemy and juniors rival Nikolai Evans. Compatriots reported that the two got into another of their million squabbles over their SHL draft order to Hamilton, and most of their teammates were seen amusedly recording the fight for posterity's sake. She was reportedly seen turning away eventually to take a drink offered by her twin brother, Aleksi, to placate her.

@sharksisback thank you for the inspiration LOL

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