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S46 SMJHL PT 3 - League Leaders

Troy Reynolds had what you could call a very disappointing season with Halifax in his rookie year. Drafted 25th overall in the 2nd round of the S45 SMJHL Entry Draft, Reynolds was expected to make an immediate impact to a team who was starting a youth movement. Reynolds finished tied for 8th in rookie scoring on the team with 10 points in 50 games, amassing 3 goals and 7 assists. The team was atrocious overall so we will overlook his -11 plus minus, but what you cannot ignore is his shooting percentage of 4.76%. Safe to say that Troy wasn't happy with his performance. Fast forward a year we are looking at the best player for Halifax. With 27 points through 34 games Reynolds is leading the way for Halifax and likely would have more points to his name if it wasn't for Jimmy Slothface's struggles. He's playing first line minutes averaging over 20 minutes per game and is a plus player at +2. He has also upped his shooting percentage to 12.82%, which is a much more respectable number than his rookie year. For a guy who never fails to show his true emotions, Reynolds has to be happy with his year so far, but maybe not with Halifax's year so far.

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Armada The Anchorage Armada have received contributions from all over the ice this season, but Olivier Cloutier leads the team in points with 30 from the wing, and has been on an absolute tear of late. Cloutier has 16 goals and 14 assists, leading to first-star status in 5 games and top-three in 8. 

It's incredible to see Cloutier's growth in only year 2. Cloutier was a rookie just last year, in S45, finishing with 13 points on 6 goals (including 1 game winner) and 7 assists, finishing at a +3 for the year. Olivier also did well to stay out of the box, contributing only 10 PIMs. Cloutier wound up in the three stars twice, with two 2nd star finishes. Cloutier's notable weak point was on defense, with only 5 shots blocked.

True to staying balanced, Cloutier has simply scaled up this year and progressed into a star in a short time. Cloutier stands as a model for progress, and one that the current Armada rookie wingers - Eko van Otter and Spencer MacLean - would be wise to learn from. van Otter stands at 3 goals and 7 assists through 34 games this year, so he may wind up passing Cloutier's rookie point total. If he scales up the way Cloutier did, and progresses at a similarly ridiculous rate, he'll find himself well on his way to becoming a star.  Armada

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Bernik Vrzala was drafted by the Calgary Dragons 39th overall in the S46 SHL draft after putting up 0 goals and 19 assists in his rookie SMJHL season for the Vancouver Whalers. Vrzala is a defenseman that plays in every situation is solid in both ends of the ice. Averaging 20.61 minutes per game, Vrzala was on the ice for 153 powerplay minutes while generating 7 assists. He also played 103 minutes on the penalty kill.

This season, Vrzala has continued his 0.00% shooting percentage, but has already surpassed his 19 assists from last season with 20 assists so far through 34 games. Vrzala has also moved into the number 1 defenseman spot for the Whalers and leads the team in total ice time with 759 minutes, which means he averages 22.32 minutes a game. He's tied for second on the team with 96 powerplay minutes and has put up 4 powerplay assists so far. Adding a physical dimension to his game, Vrzala has already put up 66 hits this season, an increase of 43 over last season.

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When you take a look at the players on the St. Louis Scarecrows, and just coming off a championship run. The first question you always ask about a championship team is can they repeat and how do they replace the pieces they lost. The Scarecrows had a rookie by the name of Gordie Boomhover, who had a great rookie season last year for the Scarecrows. This season is looking even more promising as he has taken some big steps to become a leader on a young Scarecrows team. Boomhover who is known for putting the puck in the net had 12 goals as a rookie but already has potted 16 with 16 games left to go on the season. A big reason behind that improvement couple be due to his ability to get the puck to the net. Boomhover has already surpassed his total of shots on goal last season this year already putting 103 shots on net compared to his 90 shots he had in his rookie year. The one key aspect of his game that has taken a huge jump but a noticeable difference is his physical game, Boomhover has thrown the body a total of 45 times this season compared to last season where he finished the season with only 40 times.

Overall Gordie Boomhover has taken a big step for the Scarecrows and a reason they are still a top team in the league.

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S41 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7, Game Tying and Game Winning Goals.

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One player that is on the verge of a breakout season yet may be flying under the radar is Max Rocktanasky. Rockatansky signed late in the season in s45 and didn't put up much offense with the Anaheim Outlaws. In 22 games last season, Rockatansky failed to find the back of the net and added just two assists. The lack of offensive production is probably part of the reason that Max fell all the way to the 5th round where the Los Angeles Panthers selected him in the SHL draft. This season Max has shown a lot of improvement. Rockatansky has 6 goals and 10 assists in 36 games. Max has improved his scoring totals despite playing on the 3rd line. Max scored 4 goals and added 5 assists on the powerplay but surprisingly has not been a part of the special teams units as of late. Rocatanstky is among the league leaders powerplay goals. This may be just the tip of the iceberg for Rockatansky. Max is steadily improving everyday and is a prime candidate for a breakout performance down the stretch and into the postseason.


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Nicolas Fleming was a player from the S45 Draft class. He was picked up by the St Louis Scarecrows in S44. In his first season of the SMJHL, this right wing popped off, scoring 3 goals and managing 9 assists with about 8.60 minutes on ice per game. Back in S44 he was near the bottom of his team in points, but if you look at the rookies on the team, though there are just a few, you will see that he was one of the best. This season he is the top of the team in scoring and is top of the league in goals. A quick look at his stats will show you that he is pretty balanced in goals and assists with 18 and 17 respectively. Also, his plus minus is at the top of the team and shows his great positioning on the ice. As the top points producer on the team, many of the rookies must look up to him and hope they can be as great as him.

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Nicolaj Muller (LW) ● Player ProfileUpdate Page

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I made the SHL Scraper bot. You can add it to your server ➡ here ⬅

I've picked Argars player Borromini Cannellini for my comparisson. Mostly because he know's what he's doing and he drafted me both in the SMJHL and the SHL with my first player so he's a cutie.

Borromini fell way further in the draft than i think anyone had expected, seeing how good Argar is at making players and his work around the league, so i wanted to see how he's shutting the haters up.

At the time that i'm doing this we're 38 games in, so about 4/5. And we can already see a huge difference. Last season he ended up with 5 goals in 50 games, while he sits at a cool 16 goals this season.
He had 13 assists back then, now he's at 22. Putting his points total at a whopping 20 points higher than last season, and all that with 12 games to go. He also improved his blocked shots, however he has not yet passed last seasons hit numbers.

SB This season is 11 while he had 8 last season.
Hits this season is 36 while it was 45 last season.

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Guy Zheng of the Kelowna Knights has taken the league by storm this season but he's used to this kind of success after his rookie campaign last season. In 50 games Zheng scored 7 goals and 24 assists which totaled 34 points, this season in 38 games Zheng has 5 goals and 27 assists totaling 32 points so far this season. In his rookie season Zheng played over a thousand minutes and had an average ice time of 20 minutes. This season he's seen over 800 minutes and his averaging just over 21 minutes a night. This season Zheng has been sent to the box for 14 minutes which keeps him on track to have more penalties than his rookie season where he only had 18 penalty minutes. Zheng should be an inspiration to all young defensemen hoping to break into the SHL. Zheng should have no problem becoming an SHL superstar

Finland  Falcons

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In the S45 SMJHL Entry Draft they selected Gordie Boomhover with the 87th overall pick. During his rookie year in the SMJHL he had 12 goals, 13 assists, totaling 25 points, and 90 shots on net. While being a rookie he wasn't tasked with playing top line minutes like he is now because he is one of the best players on the S46 Scarecrows. So far on the season Gordie has 16 goals, 11 assists, totaling 27 points, and 108 shots. These stats show that Gordie has grown a lot this season and is progressing to being one of the best players in the SMJHL and shows he is almost ready for his promotion to the SHL. With the current SMJHL season about 2/3rds of the way done, it will be interesting to see how many points Gordie gets because he has already surpassed his season highs of his rookie season in 15 less games. He has went from a underrated rookie to a future superstar in the matter of a season.

The player we are going to analyze today is Cassius Darrow; a send down defenseman whom was drafted by the Buffalo Stampede two seasons ago, who is still managing to tear up the Simulation Major Junior Hockey League before he makes his inevitable exit to the big leagues most likely next season. Darrow put up a measly 5 goals, and 24 assists in his rookie season; good for 29 points in 50 games as a defenseman. He came out fucking going in S45 with a 39 point season, with 6 goals and 33 assists, as well, throwing up his +/- rating from +2 to +12.

Now 28 games into his final season, Darrow sits 7th among all defenseman in scoring with 20 points, 4 goals and 16 assists so far. His lack of production can be accounted to the fact that the Raptors are currently last place in the SMJHL and have had problems scoring all season. Will Darrow be able to turn on a switch in the last 22 games and break his career high of 39 points? Or will he run off into the sunset and join the Stampede next season guns blazing. Only time will tell.


Nathan Explosion of the Kelowna Knights had a relatively lackluster rookie season, only scoring 4 goals and 3 assists for a total of 7 points in 48 games. As a send-down, however, he's already surpassed his previous scoring totals with 7 goals and 9 assists in 38 games. Where Explosion really shines, however, is in physical statistics. Even as a rookie, Explosion finished second on the Knights in hits last year with 72. This year, he's led the team all year in that category with a whopping 95 hits to date. Where Nathan Explosion has really improved is in his leadership in the room and on the ice, and this contribution is measurable in fights to defend his teammates and sometimes to energize the team. As a rookie Explosion didn't fight at all, but this season he's already up to 3 fights, tied for second most by any player in the SMJHL. In the room, he's inspired rookie Vadim Malichov to try to follow in his footsteps and improve the same way for Season 47.

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