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Activity Check #256

Gabster TheMagnificent Steelhawks

Geza wolfpack

[Image: Geza.gif]

sig credit: ml002, Reynolds 
[Image: rW2c4Vz.png] | [Image: gs89eGV.png] | [Image: B4x6AQm.png]


[Image: zxeI4Pe.png]
Platoon | Germany  | Mammoths | Blizzard | Renegades


                [Image: crtigger.gif]
                           [Image: det.png]
                                          [Image: Skree.gif]
                                                        DETROIT FALCONS, #94

                           Sig credit to @WannabeFinn @JSS @Mordaciious @Mayuu
                                               Falcons banner credit to @"karey"

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gary grease

[Image: fi1UMeH.png][Image: hGKuRrv.png][Image: 263vaqs.png][Image: SHLEmoteJets.png][Image: uORaDLc.png]
[Image: 1gqzFpl.gif]
[Image: eqg29PJ.png]

[Image: gojets.gif][Image: Winnipeg.png][Image: gojets.gif]

Holyblood, FA


Militia  Usa  Blizzard

[Image: CampinKiller.gif]

[Image: f3127d96ffcdcdec7334c0a4c4e318d7.png]

Tatu Stampede

[Image: tatumakela.gif]
[Image: falcons2.png][Image: finland.png][Image: stampede.png] | [Image: vhY18i8.png] [Image: cAVF6C6.png][Image: stampede.png][Image: finland.png][Image: falcons2.png]
[Image: detdet.png]

Williams is here.

[Image: Tox1.gif]
Sig Credits: Wasty ; SlashACM ; ThatIrishFellow ; NJBadApple ; DannyMethane ; Flappy
[Image: eqg29PJ.png]
[Image: specters-banner.png]
[Image: StLouis.png]

Troy Reynolds -  Stars raiders

[Image: reynolds_sig.png]
[Image: Raiders-banner.png]

sup peeps

[Image: Novak_slower.gif]

Nathan Explosion

Character Page LW- Power Forward
[Image: micool132.gif]

Retired player:
Toki Wartooth
Drafted 6th round, 35th overall SMJHL by Kelowna
SMJHL S19 President Cup
Drafted 2nd Round, 21st Overall by Toronto North Stars
S35 Champion

Dean Colt 3
Armada and MiniSoda

[Image: Mac582.gif]

Charlie Serpe Scarecrows

Charlie Serpe Player Updates
Charlie Serpe Player Page

Wibbly McButternutz   Falcons

[Image: wcD1EnF.png]

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