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Earlybird PT - Introduce Yourself

Kathwyrm Hepbjörn
[Image: 895795586.jpg.0.jpg]
Preferred Render: Alexander Radulov

Birthplace: Gothenburg, Sweden
Position: Center
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 6
Locker-Room Nickname: Björner
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Hockey
Favorite Work-Out Song: Refused - New Noise
Game Day Superstitions: Superstitions are for the supersticious

[Image: Kathwym-Hepbjorn-Sig-Full.jpg]

Center - #77 Kathwyrm Hepbjörn | Profile | Updates
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Biz Nasty
[Image: image.jpg]
Preferred Render: Price

Birthplace: Germany
Position: Goalie
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 5
Locker-Room Nickname: Biz
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Golf
Favorite Work-Out Song: Old town road... Cause you know i got the horses in the back
Game Day Superstitions: Tequila shots


Alexander Thorstrom
[Image: haske05.jpg]
Preferred Render: Dominik Hasek

Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Position: Goaler
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 11
Locker-Room Nickname: Thor
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Rocket League
Favorite Work-Out Song: Thotiana
Game Day Superstitions: Same socks victory to victory :x

[Image: enw3FtK.jpg]
Ryan Jesster - HoF Goalie (S1-S14)
Proud Calgary Dragon Alumni 
Alexander Thorstrom
Colorado Raptors Goaltender #39

Raptors | Sweden | Raptors

[Image: 8480208.jpg]
Preferred Render: Drake Batherson

Birthplace: Burlington, VT
Position: RW
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 10
Locker-Room Nickname: Fritz
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Video Games
Favorite Work-Out Song: "Confident" - Demi Lovato
Game Day Superstitions: Only use right-side doors when given the choice
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Gordon Bombay
[Image: cut.jpg]
Preferred Render: Filip Forsberg, since you can't find Emilio playing hockey too much Wink

Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
Position: Center
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 5
Locker-Room Nickname: Quack
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Work-Out Song: Can't pick just one, but I like a large variety of music.
Game Day Superstitions: Stick Taping

Mika Kandinksy

[Image: Gunnar-Stahl.jpg]

Birthplace:  Siberia ruddis
Position:  center
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 3
Locker-Room Nickname:  kandy
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby:  hunting
Favorite Work-Out Song:  5 minutes alone by Pantera
Game Day Superstitions:  take a half shot of vodka an hour before each game.

Emeka Valentine-Okoli
[Image: 626527562.0.jpg]
Preferred Render: Wayne Simmonds (And if possible, a little bit of Ryan Reaves)

Birthplace: Wokingham, UK
Position: Right Wing
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 13
Locker-Room Nickname: Sleeping Beauty
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Video games and almost every other sports
Favorite Work-Out Song: Helicopter - Bloc Party
Game Day Superstitions: Brings a pilot helmet with him to the bench. Also warms up with earphones on.
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Simon LeBlanc
[Image: 151ca8cc-cf3e-4627-ac91-64b03d51e03c_TVA...&version=1]
Preferred render: Noah Dobson
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada

Position: Defense
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 8
Locker-Room Nickname: Sim
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Music, video games
Favorite Work-Out Song: Anything Metallica
Game Day Superstitions: Before a game, I always drink a bottle of orange Gatorade
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Herry Morris IV
[Image: 20130414_pjc_al9_448.0.jpg]

Preferred Render:  Jochen Hecht
Birthplace:  Munich, Germany
Position: RW
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 7
Locker-Room Nickname: The Workhorse
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Painting
Favorite Work-Out Song: Work Harder - Austin Jorgensen 
Game Day Superstitions: Can't fully get into the game or training unless I've made a full lap around the rink I'm in.

[Image: XPwzjex.png]
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Bryan Lee
[Image: 1041856246.jpeg&c=sc&w=3200&h=2134]
Preferred Render: Jesperi Kotkaniemi

Birthplace: Austria
Position: C
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 15
Locker-Room Nickname: Yeet
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Watching sports in general
Favorite Work-Out Song: Tech N9ne - The Beast
Game Day Superstitions: Only eating half a lunch

Bryan Lee - Centre - Two-Way Forward [S48]

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[Image: Nicklas-Backstrom-nicklas-backstrom-1125...00-326.jpg]Joe Kerr
Preferred Render:
Nicklas Backstrom

Birthplace: _______Latvia
Position: _______Winger
How old you were when you started playing hockey: ________5
Locker-Room Nickname: _______Mr. Puddine 
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: ________Football
Favorite Work-Out Song: _______Eminem Lose Yourself
[size=small]Game Day Superstitions: ______ put your gear on starting left side

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Position: Defender
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 5
Locker-Room Nickname: Odie
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Video games
Favorite Work-Out Song: Safari Song - Greta Van Fleet
Game Day Superstitions: Stick tap each of my goalies pad at the start of each period.

Conrad Farrell
[Image: Adam_McQuaid_-_Boston_Bruins_2015.jpg]
Preferred Render:

Birthplace: Reno, Nevada
Position: RW
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 12
Locker-Room Nickname: Comrade Farrell
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Video games
Favorite Work-Out Song: one of the tracks in this.
Game Day Superstitions: aliens
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Noah Tedla
[size=small][font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Preferred Render: Phil Myers

Birthplace: USA
Position: LD
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 6
Locker-Room Nickname: Big Fella
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: Watching soccer
Favorite Work-Out Song: Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares
Game Day Superstitions: Left skate on first

[Image: noahshl.gif]

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Colton Parayko
[Image: pi-nhl-blues-colton-parayko-2-020217.vre...high.0.jpg]
Preferred Render: Kaapo Kakko/Colton Parayko

Birthplace: Karlskrona, Sweden
Position: Right Wing
How old you were when you started playing hockey: 5
Locker-Room Nickname: SavvyT
Favorite Non-Hockey Hobby: CHESS
Favorite Work-Out Song: My Sh*t by Boogie wit da Hoodie
Game Day Superstitions: Pre-Game Pump Up "and we hit the ice like"

[Image: 47dAt67.gif][Image: rZLVeM7.gif?width=400&height=160]

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...=720&h=720]
[Image: euz6pbh.png]

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