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Oliver Cleary Pre-Draft Presser

Hello all. I am consensus second overall to fifth overall draft pick in the S47 SMJHL draft Oliver Cleary. If you doubt my credentials, please look at all the scouting reports that have me ranked second to fifth overall. What? You claim there is only one? That’s nonsense. Even though you’ve upset me, I’m here to answer all questions about my play, the draft or anything else. What? I’m only doing this because no one has really contacted me? That’s definitely untrue because I am consensus second to fifth overall.

Ask away!

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What is Oliver Cleary's Biggest weakness on and off the ice?

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Interview toast?

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Going to bump this and make it a post draft presser also.

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(04-16-2019, 09:54 PM)Buster Wrote: Going to bump this and make it a post draft presser also.

This aged like fine wine

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How do you plan on stopping Colorado this season, knowing that they will look to target a young defenseman like yourself when entering the zone? Interview

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