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Stavros Halkias - Anchorage Armada


C - Kenji Yoshimura  Shl Kenji Yoshimura Updates Shl
[Image: BigTittySmitty5.gif]

Credit to Wasty and Steelhead for the sigs - thanks dudes!

Timmo Kyllonen

[Image: Lemonade.gif]
raiders [Image: pqKRPO4.png] [Image: DrC3FxE.png] raiders

Zach Laliberté - Kelowna Knights

[Image: Deouvwc.png]

Noah Tedla -  Outlaws

[Image: noahshl.gif]

         Usa Outlaws Chiefs  Player Page  Updates  Chiefs Outlaws Usa 


Knute KnurtssonRaptors

[Image: knute.jpg]


[Image: 8mlWIpu.jpg]

[Image: 4UKo5yq.png]

[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]

Raphael d'Alcott - Anchorage Armada

                                                                                                                         [Image: KenitohMenara.gif]

Walter Hobbs Renegades

[Image: Dk9iyzg.jpg]

Renegades Militia Canada  

[Image: wNwFmxO.jpg]

Militia  raiders  Renegades Canada  

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Cuthbert Coppercorn

[Image: moonlightSHL.gif]
[Image: 9d3oxij.png] || [Image: 8xyKeyf.png] || [Image: gs89eGV.png] 


[Image: emond.png]

Anders Christiansen Stars

[Image: zz4Zc9V.png] [Image: r3LU6Ux.png] 

[Image: 9E2tiLR.png]

[Image: wolfpack2.png] [Image: 30nc3sw.png] [Image: Dxdffra.png] [Image: hGKuRrv.png] [Image: sAx3Llh.jpg] [Image: firebirds.png]

Nat Emerson

[Image: ycu7rS9.png]


4-0-1 fight record

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