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PGS S47 Game 38: Colorado @ Anaheim

Raptors Colorado Raptors @ Anaheim Outlaws Outlaws
Anaheim, California -- SMJHL S47 Game 38

Season 47 is off to a wild start and tonight we see the Anaheim Outlaws faceoff against the Colorado Raptors in Anaheim, California for the second meeting of the season between these two clubs.  In the first match of the season we saw the Outlaws run show over the Raptors in a 6 to 2 rout at home.  Fans will be eagerly hoping that Anaheim can repeat their past success this season.  Buckle in folks as we are just minutes away from puck drop.

Period 1
Both goaltenders are getting set to square off tonight as we have Raptors rookie Christian Thorstorm getting his chance in net taking on seasoned veteran Tibuk Soonika.  Outlaws look to strike early and fast to shake the confidence of this young Raptors goaltender.  Just 54 seconds into the period we see Jerry Mander getting his first shot, swallowed up by Thorstorm.  Outlaws get the edge early as the first 5 minutes of play is in Raptors territory.   Raptors look hesitant in this first period with slow legs and the Outlaws are taking full advantage of it.  Anaheim out shooting the Raptors 18 to 6 in the first period with most of the zone time spent in the Colorado end.  The buzzer sounds and we are 0-0 at the end of the first.  Raptors the only team with the power play in the period but are unsuccessful.

Period 2
Outlaws looking to continue their sustained pressure from the first period.  However it doesn’t take long for them to find their way to a goal.  Jules Watt gets two for hooking and the Raptors are scrambling in their own end.  Outlaws capitalize quick with a strong shot by Lallo Selman off a blocked shot by SixNine.  Halfway through the second period the Raptors get their chance on the power play, this time Mathis Seger let his temper get the best of him and he sits for two.  Juulis Smonk ties the game off by a beautiful shot off the faceoof win by Jake Peralta.  Anaheim doesn’t stay down however, getting a third chance on the power play in this period alone, this time its Noah Tedla taking the lead back for Ottawa heading into the third period of play.  Shots evened a bit, however Outlaws remain with the edge in shots 13 to 10, 31 to 16 on the game.

Period 3
Raptors down by one and are feeling thankful they’re still in this.  However, things don’t go as Colorado was hoping.  The Anaheim Outlaws are all over the play, buzzing around getting shots on net and great opportunities.  Rookie Thorstorm is being tested and answering the call for the first half of the period.  Colorado slowly begins to find their legs and suddenly they have the Outlaws pinned in their own end.  This time its Tibuk Soonika strutting his stuff and suddenly this goaltending duel has gotten interesting.  The Outlaws rally behind Soonika coming up huge and they are able to regain possession.  Colorado gets suffocated out for the remainder of the period.  They pull Thorstorm with 40 seconds remaining in the game but were unable to capitalize.  Tibuk Soonika came up big in the third period and held onto the Outlaw lead.  Outlaws win 2-1 in an early season goaltending battle.

Raptors 1 - Outlaws 2

1 - Alexander Thorstorm (COL): 39 saves from 41 shots - (0.951), L
2 - Tibuk Soonika (ANA): 24 saves from 25 shots - (0.960), W
3 - Noah Tedla (ANA): 1 Goal, 3 Shots, GWG

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Ryan Jesster - HoF Goalie (S1-S14)
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Alexander Thorstrom
Calgary Dragon/Colorado Raptors Goaltender #39

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Entering the second period, the game was still all tied up at 0, with both goaltenders having a great night so far. The rookie Alexander Thorstrom was entering the period already facing and stopping 18 shots in the 1st period alone. The real game changer of this game was penalties though, as 3 goals were scored opn the special teams. The extra man advantage caused problems for both teams and eventually, Anaheim scored on 1 more than the Raptors. The first two goals of the period were scored only 22 seconds into the penalty, making it a very effective powerplay for both teams. The last one for the Outlaws came a minute and 40 seconds in, where the Raptors almost killed the penalty and unfortunately let in the game winning goal, not being able to tie it all up in the 3rd period.

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Comment 1
Unsung Hero:
Alexander Thorstrom played out of his mind tonight while his team left him out to dry consistently and often throughout the course of the game. Allowing two goals on 41 shots, the Raptors goal tender did everything he could to keep his team in the game. He had two scoreless periods while both of Anaheim’s goals came on the power play in the second period. Not much he could do about those goals, however, as both were well executed passing plays by the Outlaws. The fact that Thorstrom limited the damage as much as he did and allowed the Raptors to hang around all game deserves a nod of respect, even though he won’t get the W to show for it. 
Comment 2
Noah Tedla picked a great time to get the first goal of his SMJHL career as well as his first game winning goal ever. He played over twenty two minutes as a rookie defenseman which is no small task. He also only played on the power play for fifty three seconds, taking full advantage of the minimal time he got. With Colorado hemmed in their own end, Akashi SixNine had a chance to clear the zone. Not to be deterred, Slap McShotty delivered a punishing hit freeing the puck and getting it back to Tedla at the point. Tedla rifled one through the screened Thorstrom to put the Outlaws up one and proving to be the game winning goal.
Comment 3
Key Factors/Stats:
The goal tenders were on fire here tonight with both making some incredibly acrobatic saves. Without their stellar play, this game could’ve easily had many more goals than it did. Thorstrom posted a fantastic .951 save percentage while Soonika, not to be outdone, posted a .960. Those are way above each goalie’s season average as well as way above the league average. Another amazing stat is that neither one of these goalies allowed a single even strength goal. All 3 goals scored in the game came on the power play. Talk about brick walls! We look to see if these goalies can stay hot going forward as they are two of the best in the league right now.

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