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S47 PT #4 - Naked and Afraid: SHL Edition

The Discovery Channel, for some odd reason, decided its next selection of participants for its show Naked and Afraid would come from the Simulation Hockey League. The league decided the participants would be chosen at random. However, the participants would all be from the same team to write the experience off as a "bonding experience." The three unlucky participants happened to be from the league's junior league team St Louis. 

The first six days saw none of the three participants find each other, despite Michael Fox and Gaspard Boone (@Im_A_Boonana) coming close a few times. Charlie Serpe (@Serpe x 13) somehow made it farther away from both Fox and Boone in the first few days, but after noticing he was looking at his map upside down, started to find his way back towards his teammates.

Day eleven saw Michael Fox and Serpe finally unite while Boone had befriended a doe and had been riding around aimlessly for the past several days.

Day twenty one arrived and Fox and Serpe had still not located Boone. Deciding to finally give up hope and head to extraction, they arrived to find Boone fully clothed and feeding her newfound friend that she apparently aptly named Jane.

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"A clean-nosed playmaker from the United States, Fox is a great candidate to eventually win a Lady Byng (Or its equivalent) somewhere. More disciplined than most in his rookie class, Fox has an amazing first pass that always gets him out of trouble, and a pretty good shot to get other team’s goalies into trouble. Another player with a more slender physique, Fox’s strengths lie in his dynamic offense, not his brute physicality.

Having watched copious amounts of Naked and Afraid due to the old lady, I felt well prepared going into this ordeal. After realizing my mistake, it quickly turned into a gong show and I regretted my decision to partake.

Days 1-5 - It started off how most of these shows start off; I was pretty uncomfortable being out in the open stark naked and left there to die. My map immediately was ruined on Day 1 when a torrential rain storm hit and destroyed the flimsy paper map. You would think they'd give us something a bit more sturdy considering we are hockey players not survivalists.

Days 6-15 - Using my experience of watching the show I knew I needed the essentials to survive; food, water, and shelter. On day 6 when I ran out of the rain water I collected on Day 1 I stumbled upon a natural stream that seemed drinkable. Meanwhile I had been eating berries and built a makeshift hut out of whatever I could find lying around.

Days 16-21 - It wasn't until Day 19 that I found the other two competitors on the show... @sharksisback and @slothfacekilla. They were just about to kill each other it seemed until they found me and I was able to keep the peace for the final two days in the wilderness.

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Well myself, Nolan Sawchuk, Noble, Nickolas Klaus, and benches, Sanyi Kocsis got thrown in the middle of nowhere a couple weeks back, naked and afraid. You never realize how accurate the title is until you actually participate in it. So anyways the three of us found our way to a nice clearing where we gathered up some wood and started up a fire. We found a nearby river and sharpened a couple sticks to fish with, though none of us were really any good at it. We managed to catch a few though, which we forced Klaus to deal with so we could eat them. We just chilled in that clearing for a good while honestly. It was a decent bonding experience for the triplets but it also sucked because of Klaus' fear of snakes. Every other minute he'd be wanting to climb up a tree after he heard a noise somewhere. He did end up in a tree at one point only to find another snake up there as well. It was interesting to say the least.
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Charlie Schieck, dropped into the middle of the Canadian North for a special SHL edition of the popular Discovery Channel program, Naked and Afraid. The young defender from the East Coast was in for a tough challenge, having been treated to many luxuries over the last 3 seasons in San Francisco, but he was determined to make his family proud. Unfortunately for Charlie, he spent most of the time trying to find shelter, before he realized he needed to make shelter for himself. Then he couldn’t manage to light a fire, so he was forced to try and insulate himself with mud and leaves. He ended up with an infection that forced his immediate forfeit from the competition, and sent him home to the hospital. The SHL and Discovery Channel are currently in dispute over the matter of Schieck’s insurance, and there isn’t likely to be a 2nd SHL edition of Naked and Afraid anytime soon.

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