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S27 SMJHL PT 4 - OT6

(05-18-2019, 12:23 PM)Tydy Wrote: FORWARDS
[Image: falcons2.png]  Travis Bitties - Duh
Knights  Gunnar Soderberg - Man what a sophmore season, He obviously had a huge year this year.  He was a great mentor throughout my post season stretch last year and has helped me massively in being such a great rookie this year. It was an honor to play with him, and he showed what he could do this year.
Militia  Ravyn Tedisko - Tedisko and I both played our hearts out throughout the prospect showcase. He also had a good rookie season and was shooting for 20% which is very impressive.

[Image: whalers.png]  Kaspars Claude - Obvious choice for me, he had a huge rookie season with 17 assists and was a great friend during the off-season and preseason leading into both of our rookie years.
Knights  Touncie Bitties -  This was another obvious choice. He's my bro and was glad to see him picked up by Kelowna late in the season.

[Image: raptors.png]  Alexander Thorstrom - My man!  Thorstrom and I had a blast winning the prospect showcase and I was very happy to see him go second overall. Sadly we haven't spoke to much since the prospect matches but he was a great teammate and I would be glad to have him back on my team.

Was going to make this an all rookie team but Soderberg is to amazing to not have on this list.

Thanks for the shout out. I'm a woman btw... for future reference.

[Image: Tadisko.png]

Left Wing: Travis Bitties Falcons - He is the best scoring rookie in the SMJHL and went number one over all. 

Center: Mika Kandinsky Scarecrows - We played well together in the prospect tournament and he is the best center of the draft class. 

Right Wing: Ravyn Tedisko Militia - I'm pretty and fun to chill with. Need I really say more?

Defense: Noah Tedla Outlaws - His defensive strategies are very well played and he's not afraid to get in between the puck and net. 

Defense Piotr Horvat Knights - He is another really strong defensive player. 

Goalie: Alexander Thorstrom Raptors - Best stop rate in the J. 

With the strong defensive play of everyone on this line, it would be like hitting a wall. Our defenders would be doing most of the passing while Mika and I would be setting up Travis for shots. We would be a shut down line-up that isn't likely to get scored on often. 


[Image: Tadisko.png]

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