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Activity Check #263


                [Image: crtigger.gif]
                           [Image: det.png]
                                          [Image: Skree.gif]
                                                        DETROIT FALCONS, #94

                           Sig credit to @WannabeFinn @JSS @Mordaciious @Mayuu
                                               Falcons banner credit to @"karey"

Tom. Tuck.

[Image: wHdM0v0.png]
[Image: tuck.gif]

Yoshimitsu McCloud Outlaws pride

[Image: Thunfish.gif]
[Image: nyQ9F9D.png]
pride Outlaws - Player Page - Player Update -  Outlaws  pride

Niederreiter  Outlaws

[Image: 27ysl1l.png]
[Image: CjCi3BJ.png]


[Image: N0XSUYh.png]

Ray Bork pride

CURRENT: pride Uk raiders | ALUMNI: Knights Germany
[Image: G6sDxwn.png][Image: WIwz4zs.png]
[Image: hDgU99K.png]


[Image: Untitled-1.png]
[Image: axfYOoP.png]
Thank you Brandon, Jogurtaa, Kit, Karey, and Walrus for the sigs!

Karhunen Armada

[Image: Rq2Dtaw.png]  [Image: Anchorage.png]  [Image: PPpK5xb.png]

[Image: vE2xRO8.png]



Anders Christiansen Stars

[Image: zz4Zc9V.png] [Image: r3LU6Ux.png] 

[Image: 9E2tiLR.png]

[Image: wolfpack2.png] [Image: 30nc3sw.png] [Image: Dxdffra.png] [Image: hGKuRrv.png] [Image: sAx3Llh.jpg] [Image: firebirds.png]

Scarn +2

 [Image: dMzNWJa.png]
[Image: czechpp.png] [Image: czechup.png]
[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: eyesshaking.gif]

Enqvist - NEW

[Image: 3oxhOFI.png]
Upcoming SMJHL Prospect

Bernik Vrzala -  Czechoslovakia Whalers Dragons

[Image: Off.gif]

Fantobens     Barracuda

Nat Emerson

[Image: dj8iDwX.png?1]

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