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Kit Smeb

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Germany Scarecrows Steelhawks  Blizzard  Stampede  Falcons

Trying to Augment my personality to be more like my hero

Sebastien Primeau reporting in.


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Michael Fox,  Scarecrows Specters

[Image: SCare.jpg][Image: BfEHO1.jpg]
Credit @Harry Hans for left sig
Credit @sköldpaddor for right sig

"A clean-nosed playmaker from the United States, Fox is a great candidate to eventually win a Lady Byng (Or its equivalent) somewhere. More disciplined than most in his rookie class, Fox has an amazing first pass that always gets him out of trouble, and a pretty good shot to get other team’s goalies into trouble. Another player with a more slender physique, Fox’s strengths lie in his dynamic offense, not his brute physicality.


Militia  Usa  Blizzard

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[Image: f3127d96ffcdcdec7334c0a4c4e318d7.png]

Jaakko Jarvinen  raiders

Sawchuk Barracuda

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Scarecrows wolfpack Uk

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Nikolai Evans

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Sigs by @gillon, @Good_Ole_Kimmy, @JSS, and @mel24
Zach Evans
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Nikolai Evans
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Anastasia O’Koivu Raptors

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Former affiliates: raiders Jets Stars

aag Renegades

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4-0-1 fight record


Sometimes plays nice with others
Keep on Skankin'

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Ty Hoover

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