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PGS S47 Game 128 - Lethbridge vs Detroit
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[Image: lions.png] Lethbridge Lions vs Detroit Falcons [Image: falcons2.png]
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Pregame Warm Up
This game was around the All Star Break and both clubs were getting serious about moving up in the standings. Detroit had a slow start to the season but was battling back hard as of late. Lethbridge is currently in the middle of the pack and looking to move up to the top 3 in the standings. Everyone expected a hard fought battle between these two clubs and we all know that in Detroit they take their hockey very seriously. It would be very difficult for the Lions to just walk in and take this game away from the Falcons.

Period 1
You could cut the tension with a knife in this first period. Both teams came out of the gate pushing hard and neither wanted to let up the first goal. Defense was the name of the game as both clubs could only muster up 5 shots each in the period. Penalties seemed to be what the doctor ordered for the Lions at first but the Penalty Kill would not allow Detroit to get set up. Less than 6 minutes in the Refs seemed to be on the side of the home team and called the Lions for Hooking at 2:16 and Holding at 5:45 of the period. The fans gave it all they had but were unable to will their team a power play goal. At 15:15 Raino Kyllonen got called for interference but the Falcons gave the Lions the same medicine and did not allow them to enter the zone cleanly or get away with a special teams goal. Both teams headed into the locker room happy with their defense but wanted to get their offense going.

Periord 2
The Refs seemed to give every break to the home team in this period but the Lions Penalty Kill was still as stingy as ever. The Lions did catch a break at 7:31 and scored the first goal to break the ice (no pun intended) as Cant Eykhil got his fifth of the season assisted by Thomas Bathory 21. This quieted down the crowd a bit but as we said before the Refs tried to help giving two power plays to the Falcons right after this go ahead goal. Eva Lykke Aparjode was called for Hooking at 8:01 just 30 seconds after the Lions goal and Cant Eykhil got sent to the sin bin for the same infraction near the end of the period at 18:35. The Lions had the lead going into the locker room at the second intermission but the Falcon Faithful were hopeful with 25 seconds of carry over minutes coming.

Periord 3
Unfortunately for the Falcons they were unable to convert on the carry over power play and the Lions started to clip their wings at 4:49 of the third period going up two to nothing. Gabster The Magnificent got called for hooking at 3:12 and the crowd went into the usual "Ref You Suck" chant however the penalty was a clear hook as the stick got caught under the arm. Detroit was looking like they were going to kill this penalty but the Lions made a few quick passes and Austin Roenick got his twelfth on the season with the power play goal assisted by Eva Lykke Aparjode and Arsene Arsenich. Down 2-0 Detroit started to make a push and only 34 seconds after the power play goal by the Lions they got one of their own cutting the lead in half. Detroit pushed to hard and got a little undisciplined and the Lions took advantage of another Power Play going up by two with about six minutes left in the game. Nothing could be done for the Falcons in those last minutes and the Lions ended up winning the contest 3-1 as the fans left the building.

Game Recap
Detroit ended up going 0-6 on the Power Play and this was the story of the game. It is not only difficult to win when you go 0-6 on the man advantage but when you let the other team go 2 for 3 on their power play attempts it is a recipe for disaster. Coaches for the Falcons thought they did a few things right but admitted they had some work to do in practice and are looking to make adjustments.

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