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DrunkenTeddy 5/19

[Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png]

[Image: 50427_s.jpg]

[Image: canada.png] | [Image: ohmEd0h.png]  |  [Image: apAE8qn.png]  |  [Image: iB9r7kM.png] | [Image: canada.png] 

Gonna grade these all the same since they follow the same format/style

ALL 4 SIGS: 7/10

My opinion when it comes to the grading but the sigs/cards themselves dont have much done to them. You havent added some render quality. You did add a border to make the cards, like everyone will be for the trading game. The jersey changes are nicely done (the Chara one is a bit off for the blue colours)
Just a pretty generic signature/card imo and so I am gonna give it this grade.

TOTAL: 700k x 4 = 2.8mil + 200k bonus (for making cards for the site = 3MIL

[Image: Bruins10.gif]
Thanks to @Wasty, @BDonini, and @Lemonade for the sexy Signatures

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