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Przemysław Brzeszczyczkiewicz 5/19

New Young Guns card for the SHL and using the base template for trading card game

[Image: PvZbGlD.png]

[Image: PvZbGlD.png]
[Image: FszcRvP.png]
Thanks @AndrewWarren13 for the sig

Those eyes have seen some shit

                [Image: crtigger.gif]
                           [Image: det.png]
                                          [Image: Skree.gif]
                                                        DETROIT FALCONS, #94

                           Sig credit to @WannabeFinn @JSS @Mordaciious @Mayuu
                                               Falcons banner credit to @"karey"


SIg: 6/10

Gave this a 6 because I compared it to the other cards that were out there and I guess I like the other ones better.

The head of your render doesnt really fit the same colour tone and its really awkward. Also, it looks like the head is on a swivel, looks like it shouldnt be able to move that way. That stick right through the middle is a really big bother to my eyes and makes it tough to focus. Card seems a bit too big with a lot of wasted space on the top of it
Other than that, the layout of the card and the text is really nice for the trading card game.

TOTAL: 600k

[Image: Bruins10.gif]
Thanks to @Wasty, @BDonini, and @Lemonade for the sexy Signatures

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