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S47 Sarmad Khan Voting

F - DeMaricus Smyth

[Image: Tox1.gif]
Sig Credits: Wasty ; SlashACM ; ThatIrishFellow ; NJBadApple ; DannyMethane ; Flappy
[Image: eqg29PJ.png]
[Image: specters-banner.png]
[Image: StLouis.png]

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F - DeMaricus Smyth Specters

[Image: SCare.jpg][Image: BfEHO1.jpg]
Credit @Harry Hans for left sig
Credit @sköldpaddor for right sig

"A clean-nosed playmaker from the United States, Fox is a great candidate to eventually win a Lady Byng (Or its equivalent) somewhere. More disciplined than most in his rookie class, Fox has an amazing first pass that always gets him out of trouble, and a pretty good shot to get other team’s goalies into trouble. Another player with a more slender physique, Fox’s strengths lie in his dynamic offense, not his brute physicality.

F- Teddy Cuddles Blizzard

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard
[Image: bluesfan55.gif]

the situation can suck my left nut and you can quote me on that

G- Tommy Tuck

[Image: ctanner.gif]

1. Montreal Militia , Barbie Tanner 5 (Jack Tanner 15, Connor Tanner 11) at 3:55
First Triple Tanner Point.

Mikhail Lokitonov [Image: stars.png]

[Image: carpy48.gif]
all sigs made by me
Lions Finland Stars  

F DeMaricus Smyth Specters

[Image: 57290_s.gif][Image: Green_STS_Logo.jpg]

SpectersSpecters Specters
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F - Luke Atmey syndicate

[Image: IqyPH2f.png]
Lions     -       syndicate      -     Lions


F DeMaricus Smyth - [Image: specters.png]

                                                                                                                      [Image: mByELBY.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

F DeMaricus Smyth   Specters

[Image: czechpp.png] Whalers Czechoslovakia Platoon [Image: czechup.png]
[Image: IMG_20190202_191736.jpg]

G - Tommy Tuck  Blizzard

Thanks to enigmatic, ckroyal92, iOBESE, Jogurtaa, wasty, karey and Reynolds for the sigs!
[Image: karlssens.gif]
[Image: karlssens2.gif]

BlizzardKnights  Player Page || Update Page  Lionsnorway

F - DeMaricus Smyth Specters

[Image: thedangazone.gif]

Mikhail Lokitonov

[Image: nQDbTbM.png]

[Image: hA5o4UG.png]

F DeMaricus Smyth

[Image: Skree.gif]
[Image: Poopity_Scoop_1.png]
^^^^Credits to Snussu^^^^
[Image: Scoop.png]

[Image: Skree.gif]
(08-24-2018, 01:08 PM)WannabeFinn Wrote: Ah yes, the veteran meme player. A surefire bet for maybe 400 TPE Tongue
[Image: Poppity.png]
^^^^^ Thank you JSSSSS

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