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Old Man Jokes Podcast - Episode #2, The SHL Is Always With You

Thank you @efiug, @StamkosFan, @PenKnight, & @ArGarBarGar for the questions and topics!

Please Enjoy Episode #2!

Please split the payout between @JayWhy and myself!

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Winner of the S44 Quilha Agante Trophy for best defenseman - Barret McCarthy
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I liked the flow of this back and forth.
I got the sense of a lot of math, statistics and experience behind the viewpoints.
Well Done!

About this BS not wanting to play the fourth line or ugly minutes because of selfish reasons...
@JKortesi81 I have no problem playing on the fourth line and 6 minutes per game!
I could care less about personal awards or statistics.
I want to win cups and be a part of the team.
4th Line or Ugly Minutes is part of real life professional hockey!
That only adds to the realism of the fantasy.
On the flip side, I love the Minor League as well and that is realistic.
Putting many seasons into the Minors before being called up.
This is all a management decision... I just play hockey!

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After the abuse, it all finally ended in a constructive atmosphere in which mutual respect prevailed. "For a male chauvinist, he did a lot of good for us " said Rosie Casals finally. "We'll always remember him in the best possible way. I always said he did the most for women's tennis." Later, in 1993, King said. "At the time, the feminist movement was at its height. The battle of the sexes  helped a lot of people realize that everyone can have skills whether you are a man or woman!". Needless to say, King and Riggs always remained the best of friends. 

First off, Infidel I was sorry to hear about your dog. My condolences.

Opening with a corny joke is an outstanding idea.

This was a good time. I’ll be looking for more.


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