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Vancouver Signs Big Russian Man

At Vancouver Managment we are pleased to sign a new FA we had our eye on since he came into our field of view, we are pleased to sign

Artem Mozgov - 3 mil @diacope

[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
[Image: luketd.gif]
Quote:Sig Credit: @Wasty  @caltroit_red_flames  @GeckoeyGecko  @King and more


I accept

Signature: Artem Mozgov

[Image: GESEbhS.png]
Props to @Bruins10 for the amazing sig!

Welcome to Vancouver!

Player info | Updates | Stats

[Image: Whalers-S48-V2.png]
Advanced stats: SHL | SMJHL

@diacope Hello from another Russian guy.

Igor Volkov here. We're pleased to have you.

[Image: ZWjBixo.png]

[Image: Whalers-S48-V2.png]

Welcome budd

[Image: Whalers-S48-V2.png]
[Image: Bruins10.gif]
Thanks to @Wasty, and Myself for the sexy Signatures

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