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PT 5 - Lessons Learned
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Best game yet: Game 34 Detroit Falcons vs. Anaheim Outlaws

Game 34 against the Detroit falcons was the best game of the season for the Outlaws, however it's not very surprising. Detroit had the first overall pick in the draft, so I'm assuming they were the worst team at the end of the last season. Finishing the previous season in last and entering the new season with some top picks usually won't get you going right away until you start to figure it all out and the players start to adjust to their new environment. It doesn't help as well that you're playing the defending champions. Despite being nearly even in shots (DET 27 - 26 ANA), the Outlaws capitalized on their advantage in chemistry and take this one 6-0. Emiko Spector is pulled on the 5th goal with a .687 sv% and is replaced by Jeffery Thompson who stops 9/10 shots.

Worst game yet: Game 172 Anaheim Outlaws vs. St. Louis Scarecrows

Quite contrary to the previous game, the Outlaws absolutely did not show up for this game. It's later in the season as well so now teams are starting to settle in and one of those teams is clearly the Scarecrows. Scarecrows outshoot the Outlaws 52-27. Scarecrows win this one 6-0. Patrick Niederreiter stays in for the whole game and has an impressive .885 sv% still, despite facing 52 shots. Billy Sorokin will get a shutout, stopping all 27 shots.

Anthony Archer - Anaheim Outlaws
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The game I selected as a game where the wheels absolutely came off the car while driving was Game 169 when we played the Anaheim Outlaws and were absolutely demolished 5-1. This game had to be the absolute lowest of the low because of two reasons: 1) we actually played pretty close in terms of ancillary statistics (minus goals obviously). Hits were 16-15, Face-off wins were 42-43, blocked shots were 8-12 and penalty minutes were the same at 6 minutes for each team. Additionally, both teams mirrored each other in terms of power plays with both going 1-3 on power play opportunities. The second reason this low was probably one of the lowest of the lows is that it catalyzed what would end up being a 2-14 run as we closed out the season.

The game that was probably the highest of the highs took place near the end of the season in Game 241 when we were able to come back from being down 3-1 in the first period to win the game 7-3 against the Kelowna Knights. I picked this game for our high because it was our highest scoring game and also because it really rebuilt some confidence in the team that we could actually play pretty well, even after giving up three early goals. This was also one of the few games where we actually did well enough to force the opposition to pull their goalie for their back-up after we scored four goals in the second period (with the goal that forced the pulling of their starting goalie coming from none other than myself). And even when they did that the bleeding didn’t stop as the back up gave another two goals. Additionally, this is one of the games where we actually dominated in a statistical category. We won the hits stat 24-15 and I consider the blocked shots stat a win as well even though we only had 5 blocked shots because that statistic clearly indicated how much longer we kept the puck in the offensive zone than Kelowna did. All this with a power play unit that couldn’t take advantage of opportunities by going only 1-4.

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Best Game: Game 241 - Kelowna at Halifax
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Going into this game, the morale in Halifax was at an all time low. After a good start, the second half of the SMJHL season resulted in numerous losing streaks for the Whalers. Simply put, Halifax just didn't know how to close out a game.

This was a coming out party for the Raiders playoff games. Ricky Spanish picked up 3 Assists on the night. Halifax put 33 shots on net. Finally, Biz Nasty held a. 903 save percentage to ensure an easy win for the Raiders.

The bad: Game 42 Lethbridge vs Halifax
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The Halifax Raiders got a wake up call in the worst way about how you cannot sleep on any team in this league. The Lethbridge Lions were in absolute shambles at this point of the season. Their GM had just been fired, their lines had yet to be submitted, and they were the laughing stock of the league. All of that changed overnight with the arrival of JNH, and the team had no qualms taking that frustration out on the poor Raiders. Lethbridge had 38 shots on goal. Eva Lykke Aparjode and Frank Mouette each had two goals a piece. Halifax Goalie Mike McKorsky had an abysmal. 803 save percentage. The Raiders learned in this one that there are no nights off.

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Best Game
Game 43 vs Anchorage

It started out as great night for the Whalers after Wilson drew first blood scoring in the 1st period and they would get another marker from Mozgov as they held the Armada to only 3 shots. The defensive trend would continue in the 2nd period as we saw both clubs only get 7 shots on the board but Vancouver would score another giving them a comfortable three goal lead. The 3rd period was similar to the 1st, the Whalers would keep Anchorage to 3 shots and scored twice, they ended the game with an outstanding 5-0 shutout victory. Braulin would go 100% on 13 shots, Mozgov scored his 2nd goal of the season and did it on 2 shots, ending the night with a +1 in 10 minutes of ice-time.

Worst Game
Game 165 vs Anchorage

The Whalers nightmare began in the 1st period when the Armada scored 5 goals on 15 shot and making Vancouver replace their already back up goaltender with a member of the staff but that didn't help because both goalies couldn't stop the Anchorage onslaught and the period ended with a 4 goal lead. The 2nd period was when we knew the comeback was out of reach after the Armada stretched the lead to 5, the Whalers would respond with a goal as the concludes. The first time we saw fight in Vancouver was in the 3rd scoring a pair of goals, Anchorage would compete the rest of the way and score a pair of their own goals.. taking the win 7-4. Mozgoz was non-relevant and had night he would like to forget, ending with a -3 in 12 minutes of ice-time and only had 1 hit to add to his resume.

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Our most impressive and worst games both come against the Lethbridge Lions, who we now play in the playoffs. One that started our longest win streak of the season which was 3 games. And the other that started our longest losing streak of the season which was 8 games. Safe to say this wasn't one of the best seasons for the Kelowna Knights. In our win which was Game 53 of the SMJHL Season, the Knights were able to go 4 for 5 on the Penalty Kill which played a huge factor in holding onto to the win in a tight close game. Also with the help of Malcolm Weekes who stopped 25 of 27 shots for the win as well.

Our worst games comes on the hands to a 5-1 loss later on the season in Game 198 of the SMJHL Season. Our Penalty Kill was great again it was just that our 5 on 5 play wasn't as steller as 4 out of the 5 goals were on Even Strength. Our only goal of the game came off the man advantage as Big Fudge scored his 11th goal of the season. Weekes was able to make 30 saves which given night would be more then enough to help his team, but in this case it wasn't. Getting outshot by a wide margin of 12 is what sealed the deal for the Lions.

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First game of the season we came out flat. We lost 2-0 to Montreal and it hurt us. That being said it was the first game of the season and sorting out the kinks would be the excuse for that. Not everyone had played with each other together yet. If we judged our season on our first game alone, it would be a waste of a season. The fans in Montreal were pretty happy but our Lethbridge faithful were not too stoked. It's safe to say that we put out a dud and we sent our fans home unhappy. Getting blanked is not fun and to do it in our first game is terrible.

A good game for us would be the game against the Detroit Falcons in our 19th contest of the season. We whooped their butts all the way back to 8 mile with a 5-0 scoreline. Crushing a team and making sure they never have any hope is always nice and to get that one early in the season is a huge lift for the boys in the locker room. We've been on both sides of shutouts this season but this one was. huge one for our club.

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This first game shows how dynamic and balanced the Raiders’ offense can be when clicking on all cylinders. Not only did the Raiders score 6 goals in this game against the Armada, but five people scored goals, showing that many players on the team are capable of scoring goals and that our offense was balanced. Another key factor of this game was that only two players on the entire Raiders’ roster were in the negative plus-minus stat in Jon Snow and Timmo Kyllonen, and those two weren’t negative beyond a stat of -1, showing that the team was also pretty defensively responsible even though we surrendered four goals. Lastly, what was important about this game is that we didn’t get a single power play this game (and we actually gave up four and stopped 3 successfully), which show our offense can produce on normal 5 versus 5 situations. In sum, these are just three of several reasons as to why we dominated this game and positive lessons we learned this season.

This second game shows the opposite of the first in many ways, as this was arguably our worst offensive performance of the season. Aside from putting up a giant goose-egg in not scoring a single goal all game, 66.6% of our team (12/18 players) were negative in the plus minus statistic, with three players actually being a -2. This shows that unlike the other game mentioned, we were highly irresponsible defensively, especially considering that we only surrendered three goals, 1 less than the game we actually did far better in as it relates to the plus-mins statistic. Lastly, our power-play was 0-3, showing that we had chances to score with the man advantage but we were unable to take advantage and only adds salt to the wound and to the argument that this was our worst performance of the season offensively, and one of the worst defensive games from an efficiency standpoint, as well.

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This is one of our best games this season because of our shots. Getting more shots on net is crucial to victory, and we out-shot Halifax by 3 shots. Another crucial point to make for a winning team is having possesion, and nothing is more helpful in getting possession than winning faceoffs. Detroit won 43 faceoffs, while Halifax only won 38. Lastly, having a good offense is half the battle in a hockey game, so converting powerplay chances is a must. Detroit converted 2 of 6 chances, while Halifax only converted 1 of 6.

Nothing is worse in hockey than a straight blowout, and this one is a doozy. Detroit got shutout, while letting in 6 goals against. Detroit's goalie only saved 11 of 16 chances for  a .688 save percentage. Another stat that shows Detroit was dominated this game was amount of blocked shots. Blocking shots helps relieve a lot of stress from the team's goalie and Detroit only blocked a measly 2 while Anaheim sacrificed themselves and got in the way of 8 shots. Potentially the only good thing about Detroit's play in this game is the amount of hits they let out, and it barely passed their opponent. Detroit had 24 hits while Anaheim had 6 less with 18 hits.
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The Low Point: Game 80 Lethbridge Lions vs Anaheim Outlaws

In this 3-0 loss, Lethbridge struggled to do anything offensively. The power play struggled as it went 0 for 3, otherwise known as a 0% success rate. Unacceptable in a game where a timely goal could have put them back in it. Up the middle, the team was beaten more often than naught on faceoffs. They won 33 but lost 40. Lethbridge blocked more shots than Anaheim, but that could be seen as them having the puck less than their opponent. While they were only on the penalty kill 3 times, they gave up a goal in one of those, putting them at 66% on the night. On its own, allowing only one power play goal may not be that bad, but Lethbridge’s struggles on special teams have been seen time and time again. Anaheim goaltender, Tibuk Soonika, earned the shutout for this performance, while Lethbridge’s Harry Carpet only had an .897 save percentage for this game. This loss can’t be placed on the goaltender, but it is worth noting that Anaheim won the goalie battle on this night. The early efforts of Lethbridge were inconsistent and saw many games with results similar to this one.

The High Point: Game 176 Lethbridge Lions vs Colorado Raptors

A high flying 5-4 victory for Lethbridge is a better example of the offensive capabilities that the team has, which it has struggled to show at points this season, such as in the previously discussed game. The Lions’ power play went 2 for 3, which ended up being the difference maker in the game. It can’t be stressed enough how important special teams’ success impacts a team’s chance to win. The faceoffs were close, but in Lethbridge’s favor, as they won 40 to Colorado’s 38. Lethbridge blocked 13 shots, and while this is a sign that they may have been lacking in puck possession, it did provide their backup goaltender support, as they conceded 4 goals this game. Colorado goaltender Knox Booth was chased half way through the game and finished with a .765 save percentage when he was relieved. Cant Eykhil scored a hat trick, showing off the top line’s great performance offensively. Lethbridge has been fairly inconsistent, but as the season has progressed they have steadily improved, despite their trading away players. The top line has been given a chance to shine, and their young rookies have excelled in their increased roles.

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Good: Falcons 5 - Scarecrows 1

This game was a domination from start to finish for the Falcons. Despite taking 4 penalties, the only Scarecrows capitalization was with 3 seconds left to go in the game. Spector had a fantastic game, saving 22 of 23, and really showing his quality as one of the most underrated pieces on a very strong Detroit team. However, the arguably biggest factor was the fact that it was an all-around effort, with 9 seperate players registering a point for the Falcons. This game was a big turning point in the season, as they won 9 of their next 11 games.

Bad: Outlaws 6 - Falcons 0

This game was embarrassing for the Falcons. The Outlaws got 3 goals in the first period, and controlled the game from the getgo, despite pretty even shot numbers. Both teams had anemic, 0% powerplays, but this obviously hurt the Falcons more, as they failed on 4 different attempts. Spector was also forced to be pulled after letting in 11 on 16. The Falcons had an embarassing showing, not managing to score once on 27 separate shots, as one of the league's best goaltenders in Tibuk Soonika put on a clinic.

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The good:

Game 4 Montreal 2 - Lethbridge Lions 0

What went right? Aleksi O'Koivu did, he saved 31 of the 31 shots he faced, this is an outstanding show for the second year goalie as he recorded a shutout in his very first game of the season, it doesn't get much better than that now does it?

What else went right? Rookie Gavin Hughes, two assists in his very first professional game is a great way to start your career.

What went the most right? The penalty kill team, there is not many games in which you can give up the man advantage five times and not regret it whatsoever, but the Montreal penalty killers gave it their all in this game.

The bad:

Game 76 Anchorage Armada 6 - Montreal Militia 2

What went wrong? The same penalty kill that allowed 0 goals in 5 attempts did not hold up nearly as well this time, giving up 3 goals in 7 attempts.

What else went wrong? Aleksi O'Koivu did, giving up 5 goals in the first period is a sure fire way to lose any game, no matter how great your team.

What went the most wrong? The defense, giving up 2 goals and an assist to a player like Kalevi Karhunen is just brutal, absolutely brutal.

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1. Montreal Militia , Barbie Tanner 5 (Jack Tanner 15, Connor Tanner 11) at 3:55
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