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Activity Check #271

Bobby Bobcalf

[Image: yCQ5F0A.png]

Colt 3

[Image: Mac582.gif]


[Image: emond.png]

gary grease

[Image: fi1UMeH.png][Image: hGKuRrv.png][Image: 263vaqs.png][Image: SHLEmoteJets.png][Image: uORaDLc.png]
[Image: 1gqzFpl.gif]
[Image: eqg29PJ.png]

[Image: gojets.gif][Image: Winnipeg.png][Image: gojets.gif]



[Image: CiLFtS1.png]
[Image: c7qgEUc.png]

Anastasia O’Koivu Raptors

[Image: shlpris41.gif]
[Image: FJ4Sjuj.png] |[Image: apAE8qn.png] | [Image: uEsOaLl.png]
[Image: 2dtdoyf.png]
Former affiliates: raiders Jets Stars

Jordan von Matt

[Image: 400x200.jpg]


4-0-1 fight record

Cory Knouse Blizzard

[Image: ckroyal92.gif]
sigs by aandrews19, Copenhagen, Jenny & mel24
[Image: NorwayGold.png]
sig by Wasty
[Image: ckroyalSHL.gif]
sigs by GLU, Crutch, karl & Karey

[Image: KhdDH3Q.png] [Image: q4PM2XX.png]

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