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LA Panthers Sign Early Contract Extensions
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The LA Panthers fresh off the final regular season S48 games where they finished last in the SHL. GM Niclas Wastlund quickly announced these contract extensions;
[Image: WJqwDIJ.png]

[Image: RehRGqZ.png]
@ArGarBarGar - NMC Included

[Image: 7d7Ur9t.png]

[Image: IaVa0pU.png]

[Image: bBryH3e.png]

[Image: WwFZr0r.png]

Inactive Re-Signings:
[Image: 8G4Z5pO.png]
Evgueni Marmaladov - S49: $4M
Quick Mafs - S49: $2M
Nico Wallner - S49: $500k
Mason Brown - S49: $500k

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Sure thing

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*All-Time Leader Among All Skaters
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Renders always so sexy.

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hard agree

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Alucard,Apr 14 2016, 03:33 PM Wrote:May the harvest be with you, young spud.
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First ever Norwegian IIHF Goal!!
2. Team Norway , Jackson Rodgers-Tanaka 1 (Isabella Esparza-Osvaldson, Aleksander Andrezjeck) at 5:50

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I accept!

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Forgot one Wink

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(Yesterday, 12:19 PM)enigmatic Wrote: I accept!

Congratulations to my Québécois princess and snow goddess extraordinaire

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