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Bo Kane Interview

Season 48 of the SMJHL is officially complete and the playoffs are set to begin. For some players, this is their first go around in the highly competitive chase for the cup while for others this might be their last chance at capturing the dream. Some teams are looking for redemption after a disappointing regular season and others are looking to continue their success to hopefully capture glory. Today we are going to interview one of the highly touted season 49 SHL draftee and talk about his first professional season in the SMJHL. Welcome, Bo Kane.

Interviewer: Welcome Kane! I can only imagine the level of excitement and anticipation running through your veins right now but before I get into that let's discuss your first season in the SMJHL. How have you liked being apart of the Raptors organization?

Kane: Hello and thank you for having me! I could not be happier with the Raptors organization. There's a great bunch of guys and gals here with the same goal which is to win hockey. We have a great support system where we can always rely on each other and everyone is willing to make sacrifices in order to get that W at the end of a game. Although we didn't have a great season overall, I'm very happy with the progress we made. Look at where the team finished in season 47 and compare to this season. We made improvements and that's the most important thing to me.

Interviewer: It sounds like the Raptors have a very tight-knit group which is always important with success and progression. This is your first professional hockey season ever, did your play meet your expectations?

Kane: Unfortunately my play did not meet my expectations this year. I really wanted to come out and be a difference-maker for my team and most nights I was invisible. The Raptors gave me all the opportunities possible to put up some points by slotting me on the 2nd line and on the powerplay but I just couldn't produce. I eventually asked to be moved to the 3rd line to give some other players to chances to get some chemistry going as I was struggling. It ended up working out nicely because they went and traded for the SMJHL veteran Soderberg so I got moved down to the 3rd line and into my natural position and was also able to keep my powerplay time. One thing I can say I was happy with about my play is the two-way game.  I ended the season +5 which is always a nice number to see especially when you aren't putting up the offensive numbers.

Interviewer: A rookie season is full of up and downs, next season will be your chance to make a true name for yourself. How do you plan on improving for that season?

Kane: Throughout the season I kind of realized just how fast everyone was and I've been focusing very hard lately on my speed and I'm getting to a spot where I'm very happy with it. I think my next focus is just working on my offensive tools such as passing and scoring as I want to be more impactful next season for the Raptors.

Interviewer: It sounds like you have a gameplan which is important. What are your expectations next season?

Kane: Next season I want to be able to pot 20 goals and 20 assists for 40 points at minimum. These might be considered really high expectations and unrealistic to a lot of people but I expect the best from myself. I also want to make sure that I'm being a reliable player on both ends of the ice. I don't want to be considered a one-dimensional player by any means.

Interviewer: Having goals to work towards is key into progression so it's good to see you're setting some up for yourself. Now let's focus on what's going on right now. Playoffs. How excited are you and what are your expectations for the Raptors?

Kane: I cannot express how excited I am into words. This is right behind draft day just a few months ago. I understand going into the playoffs we are massive underdogs and there's a good chance we won't be able to make any noise this year but you never know. That's the brilliant thing about hockey. If we get a good stretch of games going we can pull off some upsets and turn some heads. Tokolosh and Thorstrom are going to be key pieces for us. They are very talented players and at any moment they can steal a game and maybe even a series.

Interviewer: Well I think that's all we have time for today. We wish you the best of luck in the playoffs and congratulate you on finishing your first professional season in the SMJHL. We hope to get you back here after the playoffs to discuss the SHL draft!

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just want to say Bo is obviously the most handsome guy on the team that's all

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(ty @JNH and @JSS for some of these sigs Smile)
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(07-11-2019, 03:01 PM)sköldpaddor Wrote: just want to say Bo is obviously the most handsome guy on the team that's all

Can't argue facts.

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Great read! Keep em' coming Smile

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