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Full Version: S51 Post Game Show TPE Claim Thread
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Hello. This is the thread where you claim the TPE and put it in your update page. It's simple on how it works. Link your PGS here in this thread (you either published a game or commented), and a member of the PGS team will edit your post with the amount of TPE you can claim with an @ mention on the post to notify you that your TPE is ready to claim. Remember the maximum amount of TPE per sim week is 3 and PGS Cap for the season is 15.

Reminder: Please include your current standing with the PGS Cap in your TPE claim! This is whatever it will be after the current claim is processed.

Here is the link to the thread to claim games

Here is a good claim post:
[URL=Link to your post here] PGS Game#91 [/URL]- Player Name;team emoticon

PGS Cap: #/15

And a good way to post in your update page:
[URL=Link to your post here] Game #91 [/URL]+However many TPE you earned

If you need help, read this wonderful thread on everything on PGS and how it is done HERE or contact myself, Leppish, Scrufdaddy, or sarmo. Good luck and have fun.
Game #5 Comment +1 TPE

1/15 Cap

Guy O'Shea  Falcons

PGS Game #5- Strom Chamberlain; Outlaws +3 TPE
PGS Game #49 (Comment) - Strom Chamberlain;  Outlaws  +3 TPE

PGS Cap: 6/15

UPDATED: +6 TPE @Geekusoid
PGS: Game 25
3 comments on Game 48

Sven Yxskaft Whalers
PGS cap: 6/15

UPDATED: +6 TPE @kenvald
Sim week 1: PGS game #5  +3 TPE
Sim week 2: PGS game #48 +3 TPE

Cal Labovitch Falcons

PGS cap: 6/15 (including this post)

UPDATED: +6 TPE @Mutedfaith
Sim Week 1: 1 Comment : PGS S51: Game 25 Vancouver vs Carolina
                     2 Comments: PGS S51: Game 5 - St. Louis at Anaheim
Sim Week  2:PSG S51 Game 48  Adam Scianna  Knights

PGS Cap:  6/15

UPDATED: +6 TPE @RedCapeDiver
PGS Game #5 (Comments) +3 TPE
PGS Game #49 +3 TPE

Rhys Pritchard Outlaws
PGS Cap 6/15

UPDATED: +6 TPE @notoriousTRON
PGS Game 25, 3 comments +3 TPE
Whalers Sabo Tage
PGS Cap: 3/15

PGS #5 +1

Simothy Drunkebird  Raptors

PGS 1/15

UPDATED: +1 TPE @Esso2264
Post Game Reply Game 49 +3 TPE

4/15 TPE Cap

Guy O'Shea  Falcons

PSG #48

Simothy Drunkebird Raptors

PSG cap 2/15

Updated +1 tpe @Esso2264
PGS Game #3 (+3 TPE)

Sergei Potvinov  Armada

Cap 3/15

Updated +3 tpe @Winstobick
Sim Week 3: PGS Game 77 Adam Scianna  Knights
PGS Cap:  9/15

Updated +3 tpe @RedCapeDiver
+3 TPE : S51: Game 77 Comments Strom Chamberlain  Outlaws

9/15 Cap on Season

Updated +3 tpe @Geekusoid
3 comments on Game 77

Sven Yxskaft Whalers
PGS cap: 9/15

Updated +3 tpe

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