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Full Version: (S55 Class) G - Tommy Tuck
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Career Statistics
Career Regular Season Stats:
GP: 580 | W: 333 | L: 208 | OT: 39 | SV%: .906 | GAA: 2.92| SO: 27

Career Awards:
3x 1st All-Star Team (S45, S47, S51)
3x 3rd All-Star Team (S44, S50, S52)
All-Rookie Team (S40)
2x Challenge Cup Trophy (S45, S49)
1x Ron Mexico Trophy (S45)
3x John McBride Trophy (S45, S47, S51)
4x Mike Honcho Trophy (S45, S47, S51, S52)
1x Ron Mexico Trophy Nominee (S47)
1x Anton Razov Trophy Nominee (S49)
1x John McBride Trophy Nominee (S44)