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Full Version: St. Louis Scarecrows Leadership Interview/Review
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St. Louis Scarecrows Leadership Interview/Review

This years St. Louis Scarecrows are looking good indeed! So far heading in, the crows have put up 3 wins and 5 losses, and one overtime loss, to sit at a respectable record of 3-5-1 throughout 9 games this season, and leading this team to success is a bunch of rookies the crows picked up this year in the SMJHL, including @39alaska39 and @JaytheGreat. Both of these two rookies were instantly promoted to Assistant Captain in the Rookie season, such as myself was, and in my Sophomore season finally promoted to Captain. Now here’s a little interview from our leadership group, myself, Alaska, and Jay. 

@39alaska39 - Dominik Winters

Dominik is the grandson of former Crow Alex Winters who played for the team in the 40s. He’s a playmaking center who tried to set his teammates up before he ever looks to shoot. Coming from a line of former SHLers, he feels a bit of pressure to live up to expectations but is extremely honored to be an alternate captain for the Crows.

In real life I’m a former AHL linesman working in banking now, and I’m coming up on my 5th year anniversary of my time in the SHL.

St. Louis is a locker room and a group of people that clearly care very much about how the team does and everyone is pulling in the same direction to bring the Crows back to glory. Lots of work to be done still, but extremely excited to be a part of it. All in all? A great organization filled with great people


Since he could pick up a hockey stick Jay Bryzi has been mentored by family friend a former Scarecrow legend Jakub Bruchevski. On the ice Bryzi is an offensive Defenseman who can help run a Power Play and provide the offense with an extra scoring/playmaking option. Defensively Jay loves to throw his body around and laying hits on anyone on the opposing team.

It'll be 4 years for me on the site come June and outside of the site I work at a hospital as a x-ray tech.

Considering St. Louis was the first team I ever played for and was a former Co GM for the Crows getting to come back and help win games and become an Assistant Captain again definitely means a lot to me.

Myself - Lasse Zeigler

Lasse is a big presence on the ice, standing 6’5” and weighing a whopping 225 pounds. But when the opportunity comes to lay a big hit, Lasse shys away, as he comes across as a gentle giant. But he makes up for his timid style of play greatly with all of the magic he works with his stick, feeding passes to teammates through traffic with utter ease. 

In real life for me, I’m still in High School, taking classes and playing hockey for our local team, and love to play fantasy hockey games such as the SHL in my free time. 

Being named the Captain of the Crows this season is big for Lasse, as it means he takes on the role of helping out the rookies, making them feel at home, and doing his best night in and night out on the ice. The locker room is amazing with the Crows, and as our re-build continues, so will our lockerroom and the better we will become! 

Now with all of the interviews concluded, I would just like to take the time to shout out the coaching staff @Anthique who is doing a great job of helping out the players and making us feel at home. @TheSparkyDee and @Gumbaman are doing their part of the back end putting the team together and making us work and click, they are the real magic makers on this team. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. As well as our other rookies who are trying their best to make us win and do better, especially @WubbaLubbaDubDub184 who’s holding down the fort very well in the back end as a rookie. 

Thanks to all who make this team run, and the future inferred does look bright!
Glad to have you as our Captain and I agree our future looks damn bright! Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows
Really honored to be a captain on this team and help such a great group of people!  Scarecrows
After a very bad season, good to see the Crows having a good future et be competitive again.

Won't be long to see the Crows performing well in playoffs.

Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows