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Full Version: (GRADED) Deep Dive #1
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Im here to dive into the one and only team that matters... to me at least. The S70 Maine Timbers are on a hot streak to start the season and im here to recap the preseason and to give my predictions on our squad for all-stars and maybe playoff positioning. Look, it's no secret the Timbers are a solid team and the playoffs have been on their minds this whole season, a lot of you even picked them to finish 1st in their respective division. Compared to the league I see the Timbers mixed in with the Hawks, Berserkers, Grizzlies and maybe the Kraken as the top dogs for the season. I could be completely wrong though. Coming into the Preseason I had no idea what to expect, playing seven games and just trying to get a feel for the 3rd line I was on. Ozolins, Bergeron and The Dragon all shined with 9 points each throughout the preseason. The one that stood out to me the most? Mushu The Dragon, not only did he have the 9 points, but he also had a team leading 29 hits. He also won 87% of his faceoffs. 
As the regular season started, we rattled off five straight wins. Just to let the whole league know they were on watch. In the second game I got my first point with an assist and a period later added my very first goal. Took home 3rd star for the game with 4 penalty minutes. What a dream come true. After the first sim it was clear who was top dog statistic wise. The Timbers had 5 of the top 10 scorers in the league and 2 of the top 3. Being drafted by the Timbers was a blessing in disguise, I don't have to worry about going out there and trying to win the game each and every night for my team... My team is good enough to do that without me, instead I can focus on my attributes and becoming better and better every day. The stats will come. 
One player I would say I want my player to be like would be Peter Tingle. He's all over the ice leading the team in points. One thing I admire would be the faceoff wins, currently sitting at 59%-win rate which is crazy good. If I was a defender, I would take a long hard look at J-Roc build and try to emulate that. His penalty minutes and hits are top of the team, he is also technically a second goalie because he blocks every shot instead of letting it see the goalie. Those are two things I hope my forward can do is block shots and rack up the hits. (im currently 3rd on the team with 30 hits)
Damien Hirano has caught my eyes in the sims as well. Quietly is second on the team with 14 points and cannot seem to stop hitting people as well with 33 hits, leads the team. 
Ozolins just like Hirano hits everything in sight as well, 31 hits in the young season. He also leads the team in goals with 6. 
That's what is crazy about this Timbers team is if someone is off just look to the other 14 guys to pick you up. The locker room seems to be crazy active and the users all gel really well. I indeed lucked out. 
For future all-stars this season on the Timbers we can say the whole team? no, but I feel it's a breakout year for Tingle and he grabs an all-star spot. J-Roc grabs a defensive spot as well, his hits skyrocket later in the SIM and he grabs a few more points. Barefoot Sugar has been in the conversation even last year as well. I think he continues his hot start and grabs a spot as well as Edzus Ozolins. A sneaky pick I think will be Bergeron who is grabbing a point every single game it seems. So, five teammates I feel can make the all-star team and do some damage this year. Those same five guys need to stay healthy and lead us into the play-offs. MUSHU I didn't forget about you! let's make it six! 

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