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Full Version: S71 DFA Bounties #3 - The Future
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Playoffs are still going on, and we're at our third DFA bounty of the season:

With playoff hockey going on in the league, you can feel the excitement in the air and your draft, the real start of your SMJHL career, coming closer. It makes you wonder where this could all lead to eventually..

Written Task: What are your goals in the leagues? Long term, mid term, short term; what are you hoping to accomplish with your player, or hoping to find on the teams you join. Are you looking for individual success, and maybe even a HoF induction, or will you focus on team success? (250 words min.)

Graphic Task: Create a hockeycard for your player, including at least your render, name and the logo of an SHL team you could see yourself playing for.

Reward: $500,000 for doing one of the above

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S72 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S73) are eligible for this bounty.

There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.

Deadline: Sunday, July 9th @ 11:59pm PST
2 options :
[Image: image.png?width=476&height=671][Image: image.png]
First, in the long term, I aim to become a well-known player in the league with my new player and make a positive impact both on and off the ice. I want to be a role model for others and contribute to building a strong community in the LRs and within the league. It's important to me to stay active on the site, participate in discussions, and support my teammates.. but my major goal is to one day bring back the Thunderdome to the site.

In the mid-term, my main goal is to join a good team that values teamwork and encourages the growth of its players. I want to develop my skills and contribute to the success of the team. Winning a few Four-Star cups would be amazing, as it would add to my trophy collection.

When it comes to short-term goals, I want to focus on individual improvement and becoming the best player I can be. I'll put in the extra practice hours, work on my skating, shooting, and passing skills. By continually honing my abilities, I hope to become an asset to any team I join. I also want to enjoy the community I have sorely missed on this site.
Ultimately, my focus is on team success. While individual success and maybe even a 1st overall pick would be incredible, I believe that my individual efforts will translate to the team as celebrating victories together is only supported by the hard work of the team.
As my first player was very team oriented defensive defenceman, even though he definitely grew more into the two way role at peak of his career, he was only relatively rarely scoring points. This time I'm planning to go somewhat opposite route, playing offensive focused center. That being said I know that I cannot really ignore physical or defensive stats so likely we see player like so many others before and in the end even if I would want to I think as a person I'm very likely to let GM influence my build if they feel like it.

That being said my long term is to be one of top forwards of the league, hopefully reaching 2000 TPE again. Björn got nomination for an league award and won an IIHF award once so there was some personal success to his career but I hope that Mänty can at least tie that and maybe actually win the award. Hall of Fame requires so many things to go your way, even when it is not on hold, that I can't really say that it would be my goal, more of something that would be fun to achieve if I get lucky.

I don't really care too much which teams I join, for either league, I'm open to idea of going back to Vancouver and Texas but definitely am not set to only joining either, joining Anchorage as DFA should be pretty good indicator towards that. Yet I'm exited to meet new people and get this career going.
Activity Check, a once highly sought-after Goalie prospect, widely expected to be KEL's goalie of the future, consulted with the FTA and decided that centre was actually in his future. Now a centre, a position he played in high school, Activity Check expects to flurish. The minimum expectation is that I become an all-star, top of the line player. While HoF may not exist anymore (?) or does it, I would like to be a legend on whatever team ends up taking me. Ultimately, the solo success is important to me, but not as much as the team overall. The key thing for me is to continue to improve, and hone my skills as my player develops. For instance, me switching positions was for the good of the Knights, the team needs some max-earners that are capable of playing at a high level, and I think i fill that void perfectly. As the team is getting younger and trying to be competitive, I am probably going to be expected to lead the team the year after next. Another thing I would like to develop is good consistency. It is easy to be a skill guy and just make all the moves and the dekes, but you need to be consistent and bring it every single night. Another thing, is with KEL, I hope for a deep playoff run. i don't know if the team will ever be competitive enough like Maine while I'm on the team, but a deep run would be lovely!
Goals are definitely hard to determine at this point in time as I am a true rookie to SHL, never had a player here before. As I am learning the grasp of the league, as well as the builds and how everything functions, I definitely will have a clearer understanding of my overall goals and direction. Looking at what I have learned this far in SHL, as well as who I am as a person and in my other sim leagues, although I am an offensive player, my goal is to focus more on the scoring of points, rather than personal goals. Although being in the hall of fame would sure be the perfect end to a long career, I am a much more team first person and focus more on wins and progression than I do on personal gain/performance. I also strongly believe that in order for me to create more accurate goals for my career, I need to speak with my future general managers and coaches to truly understand their offensive vision for my position, as well as how my player fits into their offense. I do know, that being a max earner in SHL will leave me with a very good chance at being strong on the offensive side of the puck. I strongly feel that with my future, coaches and managers, I’ll be able to create the best possible long-term goals for my career. Now just of draft night would hurry up and get here so I can figure out where the start of my career plays out.