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Full Version: S71 DFA Bounties #4 - The Alternate Timeline
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The offseason is closing in on us, and we are almost at the SMJHL Draft. 
Before the real busy season starts, and you're going to be answering scouting messages from every team, it is time to sit back and relax a little. Dreaming about how your life would've looked without hockey.
Written Task: What would your player be doing now, if he or she hadn't pursued a career in hockey? (250 word min.)
Graphic Task: Show us a picture of your player, doing what they'd do if they weren't a hockey player.
Reward: $500,000 for doing one of the above
Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S72 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S73) are eligible for this bounty.
There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.
Deadline: Sunday July 16th @ 11:59PM PST
Jeff has just recently retired from acting to pursue this new hockey career. However, if he wasn't so into hockey he would have still retired from acting. However he has so many hobbies and interests, that he could have ended up just enjoying retirement while also pursuing these other interests. In fact, I completely see him bringing a keyboard to all the locker rooms to play jazz before and after games. And  when he eventually has a game in LA, I would be very surprised if his band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra doesn't show up at games to play during intermissions. So if he wasn't playing hockey, he would be playing with the MSO and randomly showing up at jazz clubs across the city to play surprise shows. Retiring from acting you would think someone would want to just focus on hobbies that they didn't have time for while working, and playing jazz was one of those things. So it surprised everyone when this 70 year old decided that now was the time to become an elite defenseman for the SHL. When he could have just as easily and more age appropriately pursued his love for jazz music. Maybe he will find the "jazz" in the sport, and will focus on improvising plays instead of notes. Hitting someone high when they expected it to be low. Clearing the crease with a poke check rather than a cross check. Its not just the hits being laid, but also the hits not being laid that are important to him.
[Image: rambonen.jpg]
With his physique and Charisma, Xavier would probly end up as a pro wrestler.
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There could also be an alternate timeline where he goes to Mexico and becomes a red headed luchador. Pretty generic if you ask me!
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Quote:Graphic Task: Show us a picture of your player, doing what they'd do if they weren't a hockey player.

[Image: ssTgqWS.jpg]

Barron Landscaping Company.
Durkburg would join his 2 brothers in construction if it werent for hockey [attachment=583]