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Full Version: S72 DFA Bounty #4 - The Alternate Timeline
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The offseason is closing in on us, and we are almost at the SMJHL Draft. 
Before the real busy season starts, and you're going to be answering scouting messages from every team, it is time to sit back and relax a little. Dreaming about how your life would've looked without hockey.
Written Task: What would your player be doing now, if he or she hadn't pursued a career in hockey? (250 word min.)
Graphic Task: Show us a picture of your player, doing what they'd do if they weren't a hockey player.
Reward: $500,000 for doing one of the above
Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S73 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S74) are eligible for this bounty.
There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.
Deadline: Sunday September 24th @ 11:59PM PST
What would your player be doing now, if he or she hadn't pursued a career in hockey? (250 word min.)

Had John Peanut not been able to pursue a career in hockey, he would have most likely gone back to his roots to grow and develop some more and come up with a plan that is greater than your average legume.  He might have even tried to pursue another career in professional wrestling, hoping that this time around people could actually SEE him and see what abilities he had to give.  Either that, or it would have been back to Mr. Carter's peanut gallery where he would carry on growing other fantastic peanuts and edible things.

There was also, at one point, the idea that he would go to college to pursue a degree in philosophy to answer one of life's greatest, and tragic inquires:  If a man peanut consumes another regular peanut, is that considered cannibalism?  Furthermore, as a man-peanut...or a peanut-man however you wish to look at it, is it possible to become allergic to yourself?  These are the types of questions that haunt John Peanut's dreams on top of the "what could have been" should he not have been able to pursue Hockey as his primary career.

I mean, if you were like John Peanut, and in this sort of conundrum, I would imagine you would be asking yourself the same sort of things.  That is, unless you were more interested in making a gargantuan amount of money.  Then it would be perfectly acceptable to pursue being a main attraction at some carnivals with a grossly high cover charge, or looking to enter history books with personal records.
If my player did not pursue a career in the simulation hockey league, they'd likely be a garbage truck driver. They call Bongo the garbage man, because he cleans up those dirty pucks in the blue paint and chucks ridiculous sauce recklessly. BONGO has been pursued by 6 different teams, scouting him under the table, because they are aware of his garbage-man techniques on the ice. Sure, he isn't in the top 10 TPE in this draft class. Sure, he isn't in the top 20, or even the top 30, but GM's know that this man cleans up the garbage. 3 of the Scouting GM's actually now know BONGO's origin story.

BONGO was born in a garbage truck. He had a garbage truck driver dad - His family couldn't afford toys, food, or even water. Bongo and his 7 siblings had to wait all day for their dad to get home, so that they could eat the dumpster diving garbage food that his dad recovered from various commercial dumpsters. One Christmas, it was particularly bad - there was no food in any commercial dumpsters. However, Bongo's father found hockey gear and 100 pucks in his favourite dumpster. IT was that day, that Bongo's life changed, and he began practicing all day, using 16 hour fasts to boost HGH 2000%, and then eating blocks of cheese to hit protein and calorie count. Bongo's dream of being a garbage man quickly changed, and he transitioned into Under 14 AAAA hockey. He now provides for his garbage truck family.
What would your player be doing now, if he or she hadn't pursued a career in hockey?

If Juan Tymer hadn't started playing hockey he would have followed his father dream instead. Growing up Juans father was obsessed with all things clocks but specifically watches. He taught Juan everything there is to know about watches from design to building to the latest trends. As a child Juan loved tinkering and building his own "Tymer" watches that were only matched in quality by Rolex in his eyes. As Juan got old due to him being a giant 6'3 230lbs man of muscle he struggled to handle the small components. As the task got harder he had to sacrifice playing hockey, a game he loved, so he had enough time to finish the watches. Before Juan knew it he was no longer attending Latvian beer league games and was dedicating all his time to watches. The effort had slowly started to pay off though as news about a "Latvian watch that was built to never break, but was as nice as a rolex" spread my word of mouth alone. Juan was able to make enough money to now support his father so he could retire. Juan's still thinks about the what if he had gone to play hockey every once and awhile but he is happy and his father is proud which is all that matters to him.

So If Juan hadn't found hockey he would have preserveered and made his father proud and founded "Tymer" Watches.